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HGH Cycle


Im back guys. Up and running (if you know what I mean).

After having fucked up my HPTA very nicely post-tren cycle, my hormones are now normal and in range. Test has tripled from 5 ng/dl to 15 ng/dl on a range of 8-21. I have held this status now for a couple of weeks. Libido is on its way to the top along with ceased depression and lethargy.
I have decided that I do not want to fuck around with the HPTA again until I have had kids and can stay on androgens for life.

I believe HGH is my saviour, and I am thinking to run it as follows:

5iu per day, shot 2.5iu twice, once at 6am and again at around mid-day.
5 days a week, sat and sunday off.
Running for around 5-6 months, goal is to gain lean muscle and lose fat.

Any thoughts?


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BBB and Cortez have some pretty cool dosing protocols that I'll probably follow when i decided to run gh. Mostly its injecting iv and I'm 2 or 3 times a day eod or e2d to more closely mimic the bodies natural way of pulsing gh at puberty when gh pulses are the highest. Of course I'm paraphrasing here so you'll want to search the threads for the hgh experiment. I also believe he suggested running low dose of aas however I don't remember it being mandatory just very synergistic.

I also wanna say that you would need about 300 iu to run this protocol for a minimum of 3 months. Hope this helps

Glad to hear everything is "up and running " again


Any reason why its better to do it this way? Or is it listed in the HGH experiment thread? The reason why I said 6am was because I wake up for a piss at that time :slight_smile: and apparently I read it mimicks the natural pulse of GH release which is during REM sleep and upon waking. Thanks for the input aswell!


Yep it is recommended to run AAS with this but like I said, I dont want to mess with androgens for another 10 years or so and I dont think I'll touch 19-nor's again.
I have read that natural suppression of GH in the pituatary lasts for around 4 hours, hence the 2 days off in a week. I dont know how far this is true, any one want to chime in about suppression by exogenous GH? Does it suppress your testosterone etc?


It would definately be wise to take some time off. Also, get a decent source next time whose gear you can trust, I think thats where you went wrong before. Also, if you do decide to juice do the following...

1) Get some sperm frozen
2) Just run test only, short cycles (2-six weeks) and make sure you get DECENT GEAR!
3) You could try Bill's 2 week cycles. They were a good idea years ago and still are now, esp. if you have a sensitive HTPA

And in response to your other post, a HGH cycle is a good idea to give your HTPA a rest and still make gains. Throw in some IGF-1 cycles and metformin and I think you'll be pleased at what you get out of it.


Will look into it.
Any responses to my questions regarding suppression of natural GH and also of testosterone and HPTA?


Using Hgh only 5 days a week instead of 7 days. Doesn't have anything to do with Natural surpression. It is one way to keep the cost down and still get the benifits of Gh.
One person above eluded to staying off or away for a while considering what you just went through. I think that is the best advice that has been given. Some people aren't built for using chemicals. I don't know what you think you will gain by running just Gh, unless you are past your 40's. Without adding Test the gains aren't going to be much. Not running Gh for extended lengths of time will also lessen gains. If you are in your 20's or early 30's, I wouldn't bother. Why risk messing with your natural Gh production. I have been running cycles for over 30 years and I am close to 60 yrs old and on Trt and will cycle once or twice a year. For the past 3 years or so have been running pharm grade Gh daily @ 3 ius and it is great. This is only because of the age I am. My vitality and skin complection are great, it has helped with BF%. Not only that there is so much garbage Gh out there save your $ and diet properly and train right. Good Luck


Im 20, i want to gain as much muscle as poss and lose the max amount of visible bodyfat. He said rest from damaging the HPTA, GH does not effect the HPTA i dont think? I need help from someone experienced...


I will be spending around a £700 for a 6 month cycle, you are saying it will not benefit me? After 6 months I am expecting huge differences in body compositionn.




You don't need drugs, you need discipline...20% BF at 210 at your height is terrible...do you even work out?

-Do the V-Diet to lose a lot of fat in short time
-Hit weights hard and eat correctly for a while
-Maybe consider gear once you know how to train and eat...


Im still doing more research on HGH, been reading the HGH experiment by BBB. I will be following the 10iu EOD then 10iu E3D protocol. See where that takes me, will not be using any androgens with this as I want to give my HPTA a rest.

I am interested in the libido enhancement that is said to accompany GH use also.
However being under 25, and only 5 AAS cycles under my belt I am still considering wether to use GH or not.
It is the only solution I can think of as I dont think I will be using any steroids till after I have had kids, so GH seems the only way out for me.


have you experienced a difficult recovery after all 5 of your cycles? or was it just when using 19-nor's? It just seems strange to me that a 20 year old would have such a hard time recovering after lets say an 8 week cycle of 1g of test. I see your logic in just using HGH, and i've never used it myself, but from what I know the gains won't be anywhere near as profound as using AAS. You'll likely experience more fat loss than muscle gain.

this stuff is out of my league, but I imagine insulin+HGH+Igf-1 might result in some substantial muscle gain.


Dbol, Yes the recovery has been slow over all 5 cycles but considerably slower after the 2 19nor cycles.
I dont think I will be going anywhere near 19nors or androgens in general for some time.

In regards to the HGH, from what I have read so far it seems as though I have wasted my money...
I dont know if it is placebo or not but I do look much more full after a week of HGH.

A call to BBB, I have PM'd you let me know if you got it.

And a note to anyone who has used HGH, I am looking for muscle gain, what dose is recommended? and what can I stack with this that is not AAS?


Anyone here used BBB's protocol? FG? Cortes?
What sort of diet would you follow on a HGH cycle, high protein as usual I presume.


If I were in your position I'd do a bulk like if I was training natural. For me that means a ton of carbs, but depends on how easily you gain fat. If anything I'd say the HGH will result in more muscle than if you hadn't used it, and probably keep you leaner while gaining weight. Maybe this would be a good experiment to really compare the effects of HGH to androgens.... since most do not use HGH alone.


Yeah true, Im getting slight joint pain so far, as of tomorrow I will be starting BBB's protocol and see where that takes me.
I have access to GHRP-6 but not IGF-1 or insulin. Wouldn't touch insulin at this point anyway.