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HGH Cycle

I find this cycle.
I’d be interested to do but if I do it all day would it be better?
should we inject the evening before bed?
thank you for your reply Here are the cycle.


Weeks 1- (20-30) â?? HGH â?? On 5/ off 2
Weeks 1-5, 11-15, (21-25)
â?¢ 4 IUâ??s - first thing in the morning on workout days â?? early afternoon on non-workout days
Weeks 6-10, 16-20, (26-30)
â?¢ 4 IUâ??s first thing in the morning
â?¢ 4 IUâ??s 1-2 p.m. or pre-workout (or IM post-workout with your insulin if preferred)
All HGH injected subQ into a**omen, obliques, fronts of the thighs, and upper triceps

Weeks 1-5, 11-15, (21-25) â?? Long R3 IGF-1 â?? Every day
120 mcgâ??s intramuscular
â?¢ post work out on workout days
â?¢ first thing in the morning on non-workout days

Weeks 6-10, 16-20, (26-30) â?? Humalog â?? Workout days only
â?¢ 8 â?? 12 IUâ??s immediately post workout, S-Q

IMPORTANT / CRITICAL - Post Insulin Nutrient Routine
Immediately after Humalog injection â?? do the following in exacting fashion -
â?¢ Injection + 5 minutes â?? drink shake with 10g glutamine / 10g creatine / 7 grams of dextrose per IU of Insulin. (If you donâ??t wish to split the shakes, add the whey isolate described as well here for a single shake).

â?¢ Injection + 15 minutes â?? drink shake with 65g of whey isolate protein in water (skip if taken with above)
â?¢ Injection + 75 minutes â?? eat a protein / carb meal with 40-50g of protein, 40-50g of carbs, NO FATS (you may wish to add another 30g or so whey isolate protein drink with this meal if you have tore down sufficient muscle groups to utilize this without it being stored as fat)
(i.e. â?? two boneless, skinless chicken breasts baked or grilled, a serving of brown rice, sweet potatoes, or pasta, with green beans)
Avoid fats for 2-3 hours for Humalog IM, 3-4 hours for Humalog subQ, 4-5 hours for Humulin-R.

keep some glucose tablets or other simple carbs on hand (Orange Juice, Full sugar Coke, etc.) for the active window of your insulin. Hypo symptoms can and will hit hard and fast and you will have little time to react. This is the main danger of insulin use. . Lack of attention to detail in this area can end in a nice ambulance ride, a visit to the hospital or even a one-way trip to the morgue. Be ready and act smart. The price of stupidity is really, really high.

OPTIONAL Addition to above cycle

Weeks 1- (20-30) T3 or T4 - Every Day
one of the following â??
â?¢ 12.5 mcgs - 25 mcgs T3 taken once each day
-or â??
â?¢ 100 mcgs T4 taken once each day

[alternative method if additional fat loss is necessary - Only use if sufficient AAS cycle is present to protect and support lean tissue and use only during the weeks of LR3 injections to avoid any potential negative impact to our IGF levels by increased IGF binding proteins. The 13 amino acid side chain of LR3 IGF-1 has specifically been engineered to resist being impressed by or bound to IGFBPâ??s, so any increase in the below ramp up/down will not kill your IGF levels.

A reasonable dose AAS component of the cycle will further protect lean tissue from being used for fuel. In absence of these above-mentioned components, you wonâ??t want to run your T3 above 50mcgs per day. It will begin to elevate IGFBPâ??s and will dismantle and burn through hard-earned muscle proteins quicker than you could imagine.]

Weeks 1-5, 11-15, (21-25) T3 Every Day
For each of the 5 week runs of T3:
Days 1-3 25 mcgs
Days 4-6 50 mcgs
Days 7-9 75 mcgs
Days 10 - 20 100 mcgs
Days 21 - 24 75 mcgs
Days 25 - 27 50 mcgs
Days 28 - 30 25 mcgs
Days 31 - 35 12.5 mcgs

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Damn…you jsut can’t keep from looking at the train wreck can you bushy, LOL i admire your tenacity however futile it might be