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Hgh Cycle


What would you guys say would be the most effecient way to split the hgh injections? I was thinking about either injecting mon-fri, with a pause in the weekend. Or doing a three day in a row injections, then a one day pause followed up with three days and so on...

I tried searching and finding other spesific posts and topics about this issue, but failed. I didn't find a sticky post concerning hgh either.

The reason of why I have to split is of course, money issues.


Doesnt sound like its goin to do much at all. What type of dosage are you planning, how much product do you have and what are you attempting to accomplish.


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Perhaps you shouldn't start a hgh cycle if you have money issue, it can finish simply with a huge waste of money, that you may not have...

And I agree with BBB, there are plenty discussions on this subject here and on the web...


What do you mean 'split' the dosages? You ARE aware that HGH isnt meant to be used everyday anyway aren't you?

What is the dose planned?

What are the goals?

Do you use AAS?

What are your physical stats?



I have searched. But this forum settings seems all weird to me... I can't see what topics are stickied and I searched for keywords like "hgh", hgh cycle-, ing, etc.. But the overview of the forum is just generally bad.

I'm not using hgh for the growth effect. I use a total of 3iu the days I inject, just for the fat-burning effect. And I have plenty of access to hgh, but it's cheaper to skip some days. And hence I can stay on the hgh for a longer periode of time.

"Inject 3.3iu intramuscular, pre-training on 3 days of the week."
I workout 5-6 times a week. Injecting only 3 days of the week? What about the other days? I just skip?

And I read a lot through the hgh experiment thread, but couldn't find a comparison to me. Since I'm only doing 3iu per day, would it be better to split it in two? injecting 1,5iu at every shot?

Thanks for any help!


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Hey guys,

I am much more of a reader on T-Nation than anything else, and will try anything once with the right people providing me with knowledge when it comes to weight lifting and nutrition. I see this post and wanted to know if my own plan below throws up any red flags to you guys? especially would like to hear criticism or suggestions from Bushidobadyboy, Wiseguy, or Brook. I lift 4-5 days a week & throw 3 days a week and compete at the collegiate level once a week as well in throwing events for T + F(to give u an idea what my body is going through besides bodybuilding):

  • 5 iu's of injectable HGH 3 days a week(3 days=legs,back,& chest/dips)

  • Creatine monohydrate post lift (5 gm's)

  • Multivitamin & fishoil in the am
  • BCAA pills pre and post lift
  • NOW weigh protein post lift (40 gm's)
  • & I am debating taking SMASH or Dymatize tri-creatine pre workout

  • Does HGH stack well with wintrol 10 mg tabs x 5/day? or would I be better off with anavar?