HGH Cycle Question

Alright guys i finally got some Somatropin but some of it expired in March and the rest expires in April, i was thinking of doing a short cycle for a month before it goes completely bad by doing

1iu once a day for the first week
1iu twice a day for the second one (first in the morning and again post-workout)
2iu twice a day for the third one
3iu twice a day for the fourth one

I know it’s not normal to escalate the dose so quickly nor doing such a short cycle … but would it be safe ?

It depends.

Personally, I’d be risking neuropathy from the last two weeks (I have gotten it quickly, I think in only 2 weeks though it was many years ago, at 4 IU/day.) So if you’re like me, depending on meaning of “safe,” not safe.

Many certainly could do it.

However, I really don’t get the point of pyramid dosing with GH (other than for testing the waters before using a high dose), let alone building so very gradually.

I’d just use 3 IU/day, which could be 1.5 IU 2x/day, throughout which works to the same total.

Due to the short length of runnung it i think the only benefi you will get is quality of sleep. But if its about to expire wht not

Expired likley means decreased effectiveness. I’d run it like normal. May need to up the dosage a bit, but you’ll be able to tell.