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HGH Cycle Plus Testosterone

Hi Guys,
Im trying to get more info about my first HGH Cycle.

My Stats:
38 yo
202 lbs
17% body fat

Cycle 16 weeks.

Weeks 1 to 16

Weeks 4 to 16

Weeks 6 to 16
Testosterone cypionate 400 week
Trenbolone enanthate 300 week
Primobolan 300 week

Any recommendation?


I have questions.

Why start orals before testosterone? Why run anadrol for 12 weeks? Why run primo if you’re already running tren? Is the 16 weeks the entirety of your HGH course? What are your goals? How long have you been lifting? How many cycles have you run?

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Hi iron yuppie,
This is what my personal trainer give to me couple of months ago and I nener done it.
I been lifting for about 7 years now, I done my first cycle 2 years ago (it was ok but not much results) I had no idea what I was doing, I did Testosterone and tren and anadrol.
Goals are built more lean muscle.

HGH isn’t ideal for such a short run. It’s not the same as an anabolic. The time it takes to start really seeing results can vary, but I have heard of very few people recommend it for four months or less. And it’s exceedingly expensive. So if you have that much money to spend (if it’s good, actual name brand pharma you’re spending a little over $9/d for it) then you’d be better off waiting until you can run it longer or use the money for something else and add in some peptides instead.

Now onto the other stuff.

The tren seems hugely unnecessary, especially given your history. You should be able to make nice, solid gains off of testosterone and primo. That’s a winning (and pricey) combination that comes with far fewer sides/risks than any cycle that includes tren.

12 weeks of anadrol is bananas. It’s not good for your liver, your blood pressure, and the mystery gyno only increases in possibly the longer you run it. Doesn’t seem like a great risk/reward ratio.

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I second @iron_yuppie here. However, I ran HGH with Test and saw pretty significant fat loss after 3 months BUT I basically ran out. I would definitely go longer if I could have afforded.

If this is your first cycle, then just run Test at 500 mg/week divided in 2 doses, then run your PCT.

As an aside, you do you have any baseline bloodwork? It would be nice to see where your levels are now before you start