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HGH Cycle - Guinea Pig!


Hey Guys,

I recently posted a thread on here about doing a VAR only cycle, I had a lot of people tell me it was a waste and to do test instead etc etc. That in the end got put on the back burner due to blood work costs, not prepared to do it without seeing the before, during and after affects of either cycle on my body. I also considered doing a HGH cycle but don't have the cash for a long run at it either then low and behold the below happens...

I have a client wishing to go onto HGH, but he is scared of this that and all that crap, so basically he is funding 100ius of HGH for me to use first and he will then jump on the bandwagon if he likes what he sees.

There are many problems with this - the first being, he doesn't train like me, he doesn't eat like me and he's a few years older than me. So regardless of what it does for me, the miracle he is possibly or probably expecting from a quick fix or even a longer cycle is not going to happen....but I'm not going to turn down a free 100ius of HGH, especially when I'm buying it direct from the pharma company and I know its legit.

I realise 100ius is not a lot and again people will tell me it won't do much, but bearing in mind I don't have the money for anything else and this is free. Some people will say to save it until I can afford to stack it with something else but I have just started my own gym - De Franco style - and all my money is going straight back into that, to the point I live off my fiance! and she funds everything but her generosity won't stretch to steroids or additional HGH unfortunately.

What would be the best way to utilise the 100ius?

5/2 - 3iu a day, 1.5 am + 1.5 PWO or even just 3iu in the am. - 6 weeks total

5iu EOD - 2.5iu am + 2.5iu PWO - 6 weeks total

7iu E3D - 3iu am + 3 iu PWO + 1iu late afternoon - 6 weeks total

I have read many of the threads on here about HGH and I remember one with BBB stating that he saw noticeable results on one of his clients within 2 weeks already. Which is again why I am looking for the best way to run this and make the most of the freebie.

It appears the 5/2 is better for fat loss and is often administered subq, whilst the other protocols are more (long term wise) about gaining a bit more mass and are run IM style.

Anyway - I'm 30yrs old, 6'3, today 217lbs - about 10-12% bf
Lifts - Squat 418, DL 440, Bench 275 (tendonitis issues), Power Clean 220.
Just started again after a short lay off and train WS4SB 4 days a week plus 1 day getting into strongman conditioning.

Training for 5yrs, reformed fat bastard! (301lbs)

Any help would be great!.

Cheers all



Couple of days and no takers - anyone chip in with the best way to utilize 100ius of HGH?


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Many thanks BBB - I'm presuming this is an ED protocol and then for Wed & Sun (non-workout days) I do 2iu IM when I wake up? Does it make much difference if I do before or after breakfast?

Thanks again


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As always, it depends what you are trying to achieve with the use of this HGH.

BBB is recommending 2 I.U dosed I.M in the morning while fasting, as that will utilize HGH's fatty acid mobilizing effect. If you eat breakfast immediately after, before you do some form of cardio exercise, you will be largely missing the point as the fatty acids mobilized by the HGH will simply be re-deposited in your fat cells given the influx of energy from breakfast.

If you're after fat loss, dose it in the morning, pre-breakfast and either fast for a part of the day, or do some cardio. Or both.
If you're after size gains - post workout is going to be best; not for the fatty acid mobilizing effect, but for the IGF-1 stimulating effect. As i understand it tho, gaining lean mass from HGH requires consistent, larger doses. Something you do not have.


I would suggest doing the 2iu for the longer duration as BBB suggested. But I personally would just save it.

Also, his subject who made the great results in 2 weeks was using other compounds.


Lol - shit, sorry BBB, no it wasn't you misunderstanding. More a case of looooong day and should've re-read before I asked any more questions :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the help Intermezzo - explained very clearly, after I re-read BBB's initial post and had some downtime it all made sense again! :slight_smile:


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