HGH Cut With Zero Cardio 90 Day Update

Good morning,

I started taking 4 iu/day of generic Chinese HGH on June 1. In the beginning shots were at night, but about a week in, I changed to morning for convenience and to see if there were any differences from my previous blast of night time shots.

While on HGH, I also ran 500 Test and 300 Mast in the first couple of months but then tapered the Mast down to about 200 until it ran out last week. I also reduced Test to 250/week about a month ago.

Around August 1st, I added 50 mg of Anavar/day and ran that until muscle pain became too much as it was affecting my sleep. It cleared my system by last Friday, I will pick it back up next week.

So here are some pics:

My Stats:
54 years old

Taken June 2, 2019, weight 211

Taken Sept 7, 2019, weight 202

As you can see, calves grew a little, just 0.5 inches; lost some on the quad but I attribute that to fat as my vascularity has increased in my legs; biceps went up 0.5 inches; chest circumference went up 1.5 inches; shoulder circumference went up 1.25 inches; and my waist reduced by 5 inches.

I did ZERO cardio and my diet changes were really minimal, pretty much just cutting out my sweet tooth candy fix. I never measure my calories, just tried to eat clean, unprocessed foods.

Actually, after I added the Anavar, I couldn’t get enough to eat and I was starving all the time, so my calories went up.

I’m currently running 3 iu/day and should have enough for another 90 days. Obviously my abs are NOT visible so I’m hoping the next 90 days will bring them out. Overall, I’m really happy with the changes. I never thought I would stay above 200 pounds and be this vascular.

I like to call HGH the lazy man’s cut!! LOL

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dam bro. Nice change. I see the clear difference.

Thank you. I should re-state that these were all taken on a Sunday morning upon waking. No pump, no fluids, nothing

Great work!

Its nice to see before and after pics of lean quality gains and not water wieght and bloat. Major progress and vascularity is poppin!

Thank you brother! Vascularity goes crazy in the gym. Everybody is like “who is that old fucker with all the veins?” :joy:

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I dig it man! Thanks for the updates and progress photos.

How much taurine were you taking daily with the anavar? I’m on week 3 now @ ~55mg basically. Been taking 3g taurine morning and night with both doses, and 2g at lunch in between. I still get massive pumps in lower back during workouts, but good other than that.

Hope you get it worked out!

Initially about 2 grams. As the pain got worse in the last week before I stopped I was at 6 or so. So for me, I had zero pain until a week ago Friday. I had done some light deads and my back was sore and I attributed it to the deads, but the pain got worse and moved into my butt and legs. I stopped taking the var that Monday and by Thursday I was pain free again. I’m going to finish, just giving my self some down time.

Definitely looking a lot leaner, brother! That’s great. How much did it cost?

I bought 700 iu for about $1100. I think I will have enough for 7 months which works out to $5+/day

Hey brother awesome progress. I’m jealous! I want to blast right now but I’m so hyper focused on my diet right nownand getting it straightened out. Love your results. Vascularity is great. Leaning out for sure. If I were to give unsolicited advice (prepare yourself because here it comes) I would use the next 90 days of hgh to lean out hard. Cut carbs real low and adjust your weightlifting program for glycogen depletion. If you do that I’ll bet your abs will pop right out. Regardless great work and I appreciate your hard work and updates.

Yes Sir, I’ll try but I LOVE carbs! LOL. And the freaking Holidays are coming. Yikes!

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When I did my measly 2 weeks of anavar at 50 mg per day the only negative side effects I encountered were the muscle cramps. Specifically in my forearms. First time it hit me I thought it was a heart attack as I was driving. My left foremarm got a charlie horse and would not release. It was very painful. Driving down the road trying to massage out a charlie horse while holding the steering wheel with my knee. Smh. Those suck

I know how you feel and obviously I’m projecting my own circumstances on to you. I’m following my doctors orders and drastically eliminating carbs. Its been tough but Damn I havent felt this good in a long time. The definition that im seeing throughout my body (specifically abs) is better than when I did anavar. Ive lost alot of weight. I weighed in again this morning at 186.6 lbs. Crazy!

Help me remember why your Doc is cutting your carbs so much? Are you on metformin?

Just for peace of mind, I’d suggest getting the lab max test kit. That way you 100% without a doubt know it’s real var and not DBol, winstrol, or a mixture. Are they tabs or capsules? Open up the capsule and weigh out the amount if it’s “pure”. My 50mg caps have had 58-65mg in each dosage. So maybe yours is over dosed? Who knows, maybe your body just doesn’t like anavar. I have a diminished sex drive and struggle to bust a nut while on it. Feel great otherwise, and feel like it might be leveling out (got strep throat this week though, so won’t know for sure til better).

If you try it again, take 3g with both dosages of var and maybe 3g pre workout depending when you work out. This was what zeek recommended to me I believe, and although the pumps are massive and painful, they go away after the workout.

I was diagnosed with “Reactive Hypoglycemia” and I cant have carbs anymore. Atleast it has to be kept to a bare minimum. It’s tough. Theres carbs in everything it seems like. Most protien bars have 20 grams. Very difficult. Ive just been making choices like “carb sense” tortillas for 4 net grams of carbs opposed to 20 grams in a flour tortilla. Yes they did put me on metformin 500 mg per day.

I remember now. You were getting crazy blood sugar numbers right? Shakes and all that? I’m sorry, that’s almost as bad as having celiac disease.

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Nice progress man, I cant wait to start my blast with HGH, though my goal isnt to cut but rather maximum growth. I’ll take some pics and make a progress thread when I get it set.

I’ll be honest here, its my belief that HGH preserves muscle and burns fat away better than anything, but if you want serious gains, then you need to add something to increase mass, One of the known compounds. I’m thinking of anadrol in the next blast.

Yeah, that’s gunna be my main mover for this coming blast (100mg a day drol) but I’m not planning to run my test up above 500mg a week.

I’m gunna do 50mcg a day of IGF1 and have been looking at MGF as well.