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HGH Concerns... Please Help


Hi, I recently started an hgh cycle. Anyways, I ran the cycle to help with recovery from a knee injury, and when I began the cycle got red welts at the injection sites. This occurred for about 2 weeks and then gradually stopped. I kept plodding along, however, until about the 6 week mark, when I read about the 191/192 aa situation.

Anyways, does this sound at all like antibody resistance? I am VERY concerned that I might have shut down my own natural hgh. Are there any recommendations with respect to tests that can be done to check for this? Should I dump the rest of my gh? Any feedback would be appreciated.


did you get 192?


I mean, how do you know for sure? I'm not sure about the particular rules about mentioning brands in here, but i'm fairly certain that it was low-quality Chinese Hgh, which (I think) might be an indicator of 192. I was only on for 6-7 weeks but want to take any precautions to get the normal hgh levels up and running.



Are you getting your HGH from a Dr or a bro? If you are getting welts it could be lots of things. What size needle and how do you pin it? Whats it say on the vial & how many IU are you pinning a day or week?


I got the hgh from a bro. I have been using 1/2 inch insulin needles and injecting sub-q in my lower abs and obliques. I injected 3 ius a day for a week, and then 3.5 ius for a week, and then 4 ius a day for 4 more weeks. 5 on/2 off

I have been off the hgh for two weeks now and am noticing decreased sexual function. this couldn't be from low libido....

To reiterate... The welts, which were the size of a quarter, subsided after 2-3 weeks. I continued the hgh thinking my body was getting adjusted to it, and then began reading about an all-encompassing shut down, and decided to quit.

I guess my questions would be...

  1. What type of tests could I get done at a doctor?
  2. Will my natural hgh/sex drive ever pick back up... I'm only 22 years old...


Bump... Please help


1st off its really not wise at 22 to be messing with gear. But as you started HGH to help heal a injury I can hate on you for that. I started HGH to help heal a shoulder injury. I would post this same question about tests in the tesrosterone replacement section as many of the guys on TRT run HGH too. However once its known you are 22 you will get shit on. Anyhow
1) Not sure but a full blood test... A full blood work up from a endocrinologist could help
2) Not sure about sex drive I never noticed a huge difference on HGH but Im also on test so Im always horny. Maybe you are over training or under eating at 22 you should be fairly horny all the time.

It could be you have bad shit
1) Are your vials comming as powder in a vial vacume sealed & you mix it with bac water?
2) Are you sanitizing the vial top & injection area before pinning?


Thanks yeah, I agree I'm a bit too young but I felt like my back was against the wall a bit with my most recent knee injury. I guess I'm getting a bit paranoid after reading all of these grave posts on the Internet that detail how 192aa can permanently damage your pituitary gland if you have an allergic reaction to it. Does anyone know if this is true? I will be getting the bloodwork soon and hoping for the best. One of my main fears is being on hgh for life. And yes, my hgh came vacuum sealed and I sterilized it properly, but I've come to find out its not a very well-regarded brand.




I dont know.. I take 191... when I started I asked my doc about long term damage and she said as long as I stay within 2-5 iu a day, and take it in the mornings not before bed. That my body would still release GH at night during sleep. I've allready decided Im just going to stick with it 4 life becuase Im on TRT and the HGH is just a bonus anyhow. Im 35 so Im in a different boat. If you are so worried about 192 why dont you just switch to 191?

In regards to the welts pin it IM if you get SQ welts. You can pin IM with .5 slin pins very easy in the shoulder or quads. As far as it being Chinese so what? I've been pinning a chinese HGH and most of my friends switched to it too. I started with the nips but I have a few friends that switched form jinotrophin to the nips and they havent bitched at all.
How long do you plan to be on it, and have you noticed improvement in knee pain?


Hey "thehebrewhero" thanks for all of your help. I was on it for 6 weeks but have been off the last 4. What are the rules about talking about discussing brand names and so forth? When I was on it, I noticed a big improvement in my knee, although that might have been due to the stage I was at in my rehab from an acl recon.

I guess, first and foremost I am worried about a complete shut down of the pituitary gland because I kept pinning after the welts. I am guessing that would require a blood test to investigate further? One of the problems I have with 191's is finding it...


You know its not a crime to talk to a Dr... There are probably plenty of shops in the NY area that do hormone replacement or anti aging clinics. Those folks pump out alot of 100% legal HGH mostley to people over 30 but you could at least talk with someone and express your concerns. Most of the people in the hormone replacement world are pretty progressive and wont crucify you for doing gear. Try seeking out a med spa.
I dont think the welts have anything to do with your pituatary gland it could just be a skin thing. If you switch to IM injections you probably wont get welts. I get welts & bruises too every now and then its no big deal. I dont think 1-4ius daily is enough to shut you down but Im just telling you what my doc told me. Also 6 weeks is not much time in HGH land from what Ive been told it really takes 20-30 weeks to see the fruits of your labor at moderate doses IE 2-5ius daily