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HGH Compounding

I cringe in prep. for flames, hence my asbestos suit. First off, I have a valid US Script for HGH… not from an Anti-Aging clinic, but from a well-respected physician that did all of the testing, IGF-1 serum levels and Stimulation Testing. My levels are thought to be low as a result of radiation therapy for a blood cancer as a late teen.

I have been buying Tev-Tropin by Teva for about 2 years and supplementing it (because of cost) with generic blue tops. (ie 2iu’s of Tev. and 2iu’s of generic each morning/evening) (total 4iu’s combined/day).

I hesitate to use the blue tops as a very respected member of the site has indicated the potential for a fatty liver.

Any ideas?

Peace all.

PS: Saw Palmetto is my new favorite supplement. I have no need for prescription drugs for BPH and other prostate issues since about 2 weeks of Saw Palmetto supplementing.

Hope all are well. Thanks again.


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