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HGH Carb Uptake?

I have a friend who is using HGH at 3iu’s EOD. He is also using Deca with this but i am not aware of the dosage. I asked him how he was getting on and he replied that he always seems to be lacking in energy. To counteract this he is consuming large amounts of carbs.

I have been doing my research and HGH is supposed to INHIBIT the uptake of dietary carbs. Anyone have any thoughts on this? It does seem quite odd to me.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
GH often has the opposite effect of insulin, i.e. it can make one go HYPERglycemic. This is what makes some physiologists class GH at ‘pro-diabetogenic’, i.e. GH can lead you down the path of insulin resistance, and possibly even diabetes (in very rare cases).

Having said this, I know at least 2 guys at my gym who get VERY lethargic from GH use. One guy sleeps for 18 hours/day at the start of his GH cycle.

This is possibly why your friend gets tired. He should be careful of upping his carbs too much on GH, as GH liberates fatty acids and glycogen for energy (the opposite of the effects of insulin remember). Add in too many carbs in the presence of fat, and you will get fat.

Just my opinion.


That’s funny this thread came up. I am on 200mg/wk T, 2iu gh/daily.

I have a sweet tooth and I have been doing well for a while. Lost 2 inches off my waist. The last 2 days I went on a sugar binge and felt very lethargic and just last night said to my wife that I shouldn’t feel this tired. Now I know. Thanks. [/quote]

Thanks for that. I’ll pass it on.

jsut using deca he might also be shut down pretty hard maybe some test would help.