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HGH Boosters and Height


I was looking for some information about "naturual" GH boosters. I'm 17 so am not really looking to take it for muscles, but I did read that some doctors will perscribe HGH to adolescents who want to grow taller. I am wondering if taking some kind of GH booster would help.

I was also wondering if there were any ways to increase height before I should even think about HGH.


Allow yourself to grow? A general population of men out there grow a couple more inches, or at least an inch, after the age of 17. I would never due the whole HGH thing based on one big reason. The inside of your bones have the cells that lengthen. These cells are prominent on the ends of the bones when young. When you grow older however (stop growing basically) the only cells that really have the potential are in the shaft of the bone. Introducing any large amounts of HGH will cause the bones to grow abnormally.

If you really don't want to listen to me, or just about anybody else on this website, Anthony Roberts has a thread in the steroids forum.


how tall are you


I'm willing to listen to really anyone here, as I don't exactly plan to take anything, but I figure if I have information that maybe I'll discover a reason to take it, or just forget about it totally.

-I'm 5' 9" by the way.



gimmie a damn break i was expecting 4'11....


That's about average height. Why do you want to grow more?


Why do you want to grow anymore, your 5' 9" thats a good hight, im about 6' 1/2 but i would kinda like to be shorter for bodybuilding purpose's, you know long arms the harder it is to make them look bigger, but i guess im happy for my hight, just be extra big when i get there.


I remember hearing once that growth hormone injections for height have to be done when your fairly young, before the growth plates have fused. A doctor would take an xray of your fingertips and if the tips are fused you're outta luck. 17 might be too old.

But this is literally just what I remember from an episode of Doogie Howser about ten years ago. I'm 5'6" so I took special notice at the time.


I play hockey. Size means you can put more mass on your frame. It's not like I'm entirely depressed about my height, but being taller in a game like hockey is never bad.


Maurice Richard was considered to be too small and too frail for the game. He won the Golden Gloves in boxing, then proceeded to dominate the ice for the greater portion of his hockey career.

Gretzky was "too small". We saw how that went.

Martin St. Louis -- the scouts wouldn't even look at him, he was so small compared to current players. His good friend and teammate, Cavalier, twisted some arms and got the Panthers (Edit: The Lightning -- that's what I get for posting half asleep) to take a look at the little forward. It pisses me off that a place that doesn't even get snow now has a handful of the best players in the NHL. St. Louis is dynamite on the ice.

It's the old addage, man: size ain't everything. It helps, but it ain't everything.

Use your weight training to grow stronger. Practice your speed and agility drills. Work that stick handling like it's your new fucking religion -- watch how Iginla, Cavalier, and St. Louis handle the puck. That's their secret, and where so many people fall down in the fundamentals. They don't even need to look down to know that they've got complete control, even in the middle of complex skating and stick-handling patterns. Get a puck and a flat surface (or a ball if you need to), and practice stick handling for at least a half hour a night. Make it your prayer and meditation.

For an additional kick, add lever work for your wrists to your strength training. It'll be slow and irritating advancement, but by God it'll pay off in spades when it comes time to keep that puck or steal it off the other team.

The chances of your growing over six foot are slim to none. It's possible, but not likely. So instead of spending all that time looking at what you consider a weakness, focus on turning other areas into your strength. Look at the wild eyes of Richard and St. Louis -- those maniacs would do anything to score a goal.

Build your speed, build your strength, and build your skills. Hammer them hard. Be unrelenting.