HGH Blood Test Level

I wanted to prove that what I was taking was real. So, I started taking 1 IU of HGH every day, 3 weeks ago. My level was .1 before I started, I just had it tested again and it is still .1. How long would it typically take before I see the level increase? I had my blood tested at an independent lab. Has anyone else done this?

Blood level of what? Somatotropic hormone? IGF? What?

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I’m not familiar with any range that would result in .1 as units. Can you elaborate as @hankthetank89 stated what you tested and the range? Regardless the answer is the same. Your supply is bunk. Your labs would show the HGH working much quicker than 3 weeks.

You definitely got something that is not GH.

Somatotropic hormone is at its peak 1h after injection, yep.

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Sorry to say but your shit is fake. At 10 iu/day you would have experienced huge amounts of water and if you are even slightly prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, it would have gone crazy. Also, you should have seen HGH levels that are more than 20 times the range within 4 - 5 hours from injection.

Lastly, when I first started GH, I had crazy, vibrant dreams.

If none of these happened to you, its very likely your stuff is fake. Sorry dude.

Next time, when you can get some real GH, don’t just jump to 10 iu/day. That is a huge amount and super expensive. Start at 4 or 5 and be prepared for possibly 20 lbs of water weight within the first few weeks. Also, you will need to run at least 90 days to see the fat loss.

I wrote a HGH primer on here somewhere. You might check it out

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I read you post, nice writeup, thank you. I am starting to realize I should have done a little more research first. The 10 IU was a typo, I am only doing 1 IU per day. I will ramp up slowly once I find a good source. This stuff is a lot more complicated than I thought. It can also be an expensive learning curve as well. I did have some changes when I stating with my current gear. Workouts got little easier & vibrant dreams. So, I might be OK. I think what I should have does is tested my IGF-1 instead of just my HGH level. That is not a very good test because the HGH level in your blood stream is always in flux depending on the time of day, your last workout, etc.

I also read that my current gear produces a drop in blood sugar 20 minutes after injection, any insight on that? This can also be tricky depending on the last time you ate & injection amount.

Its true in my experience. I take my shot at night and 95% of the time i have no issues but the other 5% I get shaky and, I usually eat some fast acting carbs and I’m good to go.