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HGH at Vitamin Shoppe?


I thought I had a grasp on most everything that was in the legal realm of supplementation. However, while browsing at a vitamin shoppe today, I saw several products that were straight up labeled, Human Growth Hormone. It was there in the glass case with all the tribulus products, nitric oxide and such. I can't remember the exact names of the products, but they were not labeled HGH boosters or anything, but staight up HGH.

I've been walking around with the notion that HGH in all forms was illegal, as in I never hear any talk of it other than when related to steroids and such. Can anyone clear up this misconseption and explain to me what is going on? I knew that you could do different things like supplement with GABBA, which was supposed to increase GH production. I previously felt that I was aware of most all products and their premises, (even the scams), but this has gotten me a little confused.


Check the ingredients they are simply kitchen sink supp that supposedly raise GH.

WAY to expensive let alone a scheduled drug to be at Vit shop.


Here's the trick (and it's a clever one):

HGH has a "real" name. Something scientific. Someone could tell you. Hell, I probably could too, but I'm lazy.

That real name is patented, but the phrase "Human Growth Hormone" or the initials "HGH" are not. Some company copyrights the name and they can put anything they want in a bottle and affix it with the misleading label.

This is a common scam. Look in the muscle magazines. You can find "Deca", "Deka", "Winni-V", etc. All innocuous vitamins and minerals with a name that sounds just like a steroid.

Don't buy it.


Thanks for clearing that up. For some reason I'd never come across this before, or just missed it. It is interesting, seems similar to labeling a tribulus product "testosterone" and nothing else.


Another thing. Human Growth Hormone can not be administered orally at this time. The stomach acids will disolve it instantly. The only way that HGH can be administered into the body is by injection. Last I heard they were working on an advanced delivery system to find a way to administer HGH orally but to my knowledge they have not succeeded just yet.


What about the under the tongue tablets and droppers they have at some online retailers?


Hey guys, I happen to work at a vitamin shoppe, the HGH formulas(which are made by big brands including MHP) are basically herbs and other things that "support natural levels of HGH" the first thing drilled into your head working at a place like that is nothing in the store "treats or cures any condition or disease" just like the test products, tribulus just promotes higher lvls of test production naturally thrhough your body's own processes, it doesnt supply you with test itself , wheras actual script products like the gels are straight testosteron, hormone therapy.

which over time, can be dangerous and cause sideaffects. So bottom line, the product isnt trying to be misleading, the things in it can actually have a beneficial effect, its just not straight HGH your chugging down, hope that helps