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HGH at 22

I am a football player coming off of multiple knee surgeries. I have been weight training for most of my life as part of a football routine and also as a hobby. I am currently 6’2 about 265 lbs and looking to rehab my knee from an acl reconstruction (about 5.5 months ago) and a recent scope. I am looking at running hgh for 3-4 months to assist with the rehab. I would most likely run 2 ius in the morning for about 2 weeks and then run 3.5 ius per day for the remaining 11-15 weeks.

My questions are as follows:

Will this significantly expedite the ligament healing process?

Will I be able to gain a substantial (10 lbs) amount of lean mass on this protocol?

Will I be able to retain these benefits upon the stoppage of the HGH?

My previous cycles have included phs and anavar only. I have used supplements extensively and would consider my diet to be good.

Thanks, any replies would be appreciated.

As far as recovery it definitely can’t hurt.

Most will say that HGH should be run for the long haul (~6 months at least).

But it definitely should help you in terms of recovery considering you are running it for recovery from injury.

Your main problem will be price and quality. Mostly quality.