HGH and TRT Opinions

Hey guys I was wondering if anybody has any experience with HRT. I tested for hgh and IGF and my results were
HGH: 0,3 ng/ml
IGF.I 170 (117-329)
My doc said it my IGF is kinda low. Should I try it? Has anyone seen improvements after adding HGH to his TRT?

Yes. It takes 6 weeks to really see the benefits.

The issue is and has always been very high cost. You probably are not low enough to quality for insurance coverage, if they will cover it at all.

If your IGF-1 was near 100 and you got to 250, you would get an increase of 150 points for your money. But in your case, the increase would only be 80 points. The dose/cost would be the same in either case because the injections shut down your own production.

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Thanks for the reply KSman. I live abroad and my insurance covers most of the cost. I can get pharma grade HGH (36iu) for 140 dollars. Looking at my levels, do you believe I would see improvements?

Yes, but the benefits are proportional to how low you were. So may not be the change that others see. Your IGF-1 response is really up to your liver and that varies from one to the other.

1.5 units would get me to IGF-1=330, I have a plot of my dose=response from a few years ago, very linear. Based on that chart, my pre HGH IGF-1 level shows that I was making .4iu/day on my own. If you were to respond the same, your current production would be 0.81iu/day. So you can see how your taking 1iu/day would be only .2iu of increased benefit. So you have to go to quite high IGF-1 levels to get any relative benefit. Can you get Rx for 1.5iu/day, 0.5mg/day?

Yes, where I live it doesn’t matter how much you actually need you just got to have a diagnosis by a doctor. I got my prescription and I’ll have the kit next week. I’ll do 1.5ius like you suggested and see how I feel. How long do you think I should wait before I do my next bloodwork and see where I’m at?

how did you test your HG levels?
where do you live?

through normal bloodwork. Greece

so you didn’t do a stimulation test.
i’m from Greece too :wink:

kai esy xamhlh testo aderfe? No I didn;t do a stimulation test. I got a good endocrinologist :wink:

yeah low testo too bro. what were your testo levels before TRT?
can you give me details about your endo?

TT. 362
FT dont remember but something similar
I had low libido, ed, tiredness, etc
You got problems finding a doctor to prescribe trt?

my levels in three tests were 270, 363, 302. next tuesday i’ll have new results after HCG, clomiphene and nolvadex therapy (like a PCT).
three docs told me to find a good psychologist instead of HRT.
yes, i need a good doc.
are you from athens?

Im from Thessaloniki but I know doctors who prescribe trt in Athens too, some of my friends got legit trt. Listen I did the PCT thing and it didn’t work, as a matter of fact it made me worse. My levels pre clomid and nolva were 375 and dropped to 362 plus I had terrible side effects probably from nolva. The problem with endos in Greece is that either you’re gonna find a good one or you’re gonna find one that tells you to take depression pills. My friend went to a doc that was like one of the best in Athens, payed 100 eyros (srs) and ended up with the doc telling him to use the gel for a month, stop the gel and wait for his Testosterone to return to normal levels. Needless to say he started with 320 and ended with 280. My doc aims at 900-1000 and wants my DHT to be at around 850 with 920 being the limit. I can ask around if you want any info for doctors in Athens. How long are you experiencing low-t? Did you use steroids?

do you have problems with your testicles? because if you are primary SERMS or HCG cannot help you.
after my therapy i’m feeling better but not super. i’m waiting the new tests to see if hcg and serms did anything to me. the hcg dosage was huge and i stopped it before the end of therapy.
the doc who finally prescribed me is a former bodybuilder and that explains the PCT-like therapy.
its been about two years experiencing fatigue, bad mood, low libido, fat in the belly.
firstly i was prescribed seropram (antidepressant).
never been on steroids.
yes i need information, anything you know.

No I’m secondary. and the pct didn’t help me at all. Maybe it 'll work for you. For me TRT was the way to go. I had zero libido when I started, I literally didn’t care about sex at all and now after 5 months and after controlling my E2 (extremely important) I am good. I feel normal plus I got some solid gains. I went from 85 kg 14% body fat to 87 with 10% bodyfat. I was always very athletic though and muscle memory played a part in that. I’ll ask for doctors, I know how hard it sucks to have low T dude.

if you’re secondary and serms didn’t work for you its probably due to uncontrolled estradiol. i had again morning woods after using anastrozole.
if you have any news for doctors feel free to use my email.

Alright I ll send you an e-mail when I have news. I started taking arimidex 3 weeks ago, morning wood is 80% better. Controlling e2 does wonders if you have enough Test.

read an interesting case of high estradiol

Interesting. Hows your sex drive after pct?

better but not what it was before taking antidepressants.
i’m gonna try one week clomiphene+anastrozole and then test LH and FSH to see if my pituitary gland reacts to them. except if you sooner give me details about doctors.
the only thing that kept me away from TRT was fertility.