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HGH and Others For Post Spinal Fusion OP

Hey guys , im looking for some assistance here.

I have a spinal fusion op coming up in a few weeks and have obviously been out of training for the last couple weeks. I would on average train twice a day and consider myself very active.

The last few weeks have been extremely frustrating for me and i’m looking forward to the road of recovery !

My particular question is regarding supplement use to help recover and strengthen the bone fusion in the coming months where I’m am banned from moving much till the fusion has set ( from what I’ve been told after this process I will be 100% again )

Would HGH be the correct line of thinking for this ?

Appreciate any input , thanks guys !

Have you asked:

A) Your surgeon?
or more importantly
B) Your post op physical therapist?

i assume you have had or will have a pre-op PT consult, if not actual sessions to prep for the surgery. Those folks actually get paid to know that stuff. Its their job. So ask them.

And while i have no direct knowledge, its my understanding that Louie Simmons twice broke his back (fractured vertebra) and was told he needed to have fusion surgery and that he would not be able to lift again. And instead he rehabbed himself and went on to set powerlifting records.

Again, i don’t remember the details of his experience, just remember reading about it. You may want to look into that and possibly contact him at Westside Barbell. Although i know it was along time ago and i assume surgery has improved dramatically.

good luck.
Do what you PT tells you after surgery!!!
If you have a good one, they are as if not more important than the surgeon!


Thanks for the reply LB.

I currently reside in South Africa and have been to numerous Neuro’s around the country. The MRI and xrays revealed I have a vertabrae shift of over 25% and the disc between L5 and S1 is all but gone from grinding over the years , the main issue is that there no longer any space for the nerves to go through resulting it in the big nerve pain I am having down my right leg. I have suffered with this for years and always have been able to stick to pilates and strict stretching routines and for the most part of it have been OK , however the latest scans revealed I just don’t have any room to play with at all anymore.

I have a great Bio and Physio for post surgery and will be sticking to a very strict routine of course , this goes without saying !

I am still however interested on my original question regarding certain supplements during this recovery period , I will also most certainly take this question to both my Neuro and Outh docs however my mentioning on this forums was to assess if anyone else has personal experience in on this matter.

Hi there, you should always check with your doctor before taking any supplement. Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and most importantly, protein. Certain supplements may be beneficial although other supplements may cause unwanted health effects in your body and should be avoided or discontinued immediately.

If I’m not mistaken, Jim Wendler went through something like this.
Try asking in his section of the forum.