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HGH and New Nitric Oxide Stimulant

My goal is to gain in size and in muscle mass. I’m currently taking some gainer products and I’m also thinking of taking these products (Human growth hormones and Glycocarn) but i’m hoping to get some brief reviews to clear up my mind… the following questions I’d need clarifying:

Anybody can confirm that these do work?

I’d also like to know if these products are worth the money?

and finally, are they safe?


Nothing is idiot proof.

N.O is a waste of money and you’d have to be rich to afford hGH.

Hi, thanks for replying guys.

This is not your usual N.O stimulant, i’m talking about Glycocarn (glycine propionyl L-carnitine Hydrochloride)which have been clinically studied and proven to show significant results, unlike other N.O stimulants that claim to do whatever they advertise!

Indeed they are costly, both hGH and Glycocarn! I might try them to see If I’ll get my money’s worth

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Sprays do kinda sound too good to be true. I’d name the product if I was allowed to. It’s a new supplement that activates IGF-1 plus it contains GHRP-2.