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HGH and Nerve Regeneration

No problem Magarhe, I might have made myself a little clearer in my original post.
your right I think alot of people go to the internet first and think they don’t need to see a doctor. I am simply trying to get as muh additional info as possible. sometimes there are some things all doctors might not have heard of or which might be very new. hell I think alot of doctors overlook the usefullness of supp’s and how much they can help, maybe in place of more toxic or side effect inducing chemials.

I’m just trying to find anything others might have found helpful and maybe this can help some others with simialr or any other nerve compression problems. Ben

[quote]biggieben wrote:
Maybe I was a little vague. I don’t mean complete severeing or at least not with any distance between the ends. I found in the studies that given a short distance and a small tear then they found there was signifigant regrowth. My question would be if the problem was the myelin sheath around the nerves and also compression on several nerve sites but the compression has been repaired and now there is simply the leftover damage. hope this helps explain what i was loking for. yeah if this worked for all nerves chris reeeve would be around but from what I understand it does work for small tears, not complete long doistance severs in the spinal cord, just like it does for muscle tears and damage. does this sound more likely did anyone have any thing like a “pinched” nerve start to feel better after HG treatment. BB

P.S. I will prob be trying it when I can get my hands on it anyway but I was trying to find some material I could take to my doc to get it prescribed. [/quote]

Well; due to a blood disease I’ve had for @ 25yrs, I have developed peripheral neuropathy as a result of both the disease itself and the meds keeping it in check. Not sure if this is the type of ‘nerve damage’ you want to address. I have been taking HGH on & off for @ a yr & though I know there is no imperical research to support it, my neuropathy has regressed (slightly). Nonetheless, this may also be due to an overall better health in the past year or so. I use HGH for other reasons.

any kind of nerve issues should be addressed in the thread, and any ideas of how to help them.
so you have had no further deterioration in your sypmtoms, do you think you would have had some degeneration without the HGH. or is it simply a aspect of the other meds. Ben

I would think that IGF may be a better choice because it has well known neuroprotective effects on the nervous system, as well as it’s ability to enhance blood flow.

A bit more specifically, the autonomous C-terminal peptide of IGF-1 Ec (MGF)has been indicated to provide protection from some forms ofischemia, and therefore shows a profound neuroprotective effect.

Hello. I am also looming to hgh to help with ms. Have you had any luck?