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HGH and Nerve Regeneration

I have been looking into using HGH to help with some nerve damage, long stsory but will explain if it would help (chiari 1 and a few other). and am wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge of it helping anyone. I googled it and there seems to be some new research in the area but nothing substantial at least not in humans yet.

was wondering if anyone has any medical knowledge of how it would actually help or how much it could. Don’t know how to throw a link in but if oyu google the title of the post you get some studie on mice where they were able to induce nerve regrowth in the sciatic nerve with i beleive only HGH and T3. Thanks BB

bump, any ideas are helpful. hell if you think it’s idiotic say so. BB

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Basically you are asking if anyone out there has found the Holy Grail of neuro physiology.

So unfortunately no, I don’t think you are going to have any luck.

Not yet anyway. There is a lot of work being done and some breakthroughs being made. Give it 5-10 years I think. Maybe sooner if really, really lucky.

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Maybe I was a little vague. I don’t mean complete severeing or at least not with any distance between the ends. I found in the studies that given a short distance and a small tear then they found there was signifigant regrowth. My question would be if the problem was the myelin sheath around the nerves and also compression on several nerve sites but the compression has been repaired and now there is simply the leftover damage. hope this helps explain what i was loking for. yeah if this worked for all nerves chris reeeve would be around but from what I understand it does work for small tears, not complete long doistance severs in the spinal cord, just like it does for muscle tears and damage. does this sound more likely did anyone have any thing like a “pinched” nerve start to feel better after HG treatment. BB

P.S. I will prob be trying it when I can get my hands on it anyway but I was trying to find some material I could take to my doc to get it prescribed.

I lift regularly and am able to live my life, however there are times when the problems fire up and it makes it diffcult to use my hands for small motor use, esp the left. I will also lose some control of my left foot, the calf will not respond quickly or well, I will have a bit of a limp and have some trouble with stingers along the nerve routes to the extremities. however I am better then before and am getting constantly better most of the time. they can’t pin down the actuall problem other then Nerve damage. had Chiari malformation 1 of the spinal cord, surgery Aug 28 2003, and a Syrnx that was causing soem problems in sept of 05. The longer I make sure to take extreme care of myself and try to legnthen the nerve routes, stretches from my PT I feel better, but still get some syptoms, headaches Bad and the other physical syptoms others also but won’t get into that. This should be enough info so it does not seem I am looking for the holy grail just something to slightly better the situaion. Also things that may help me will most likely not help someone with a complete sever but may do everything I want it too/am looking for.

No idea about HGH but there was a long thread discussing supps which might be useful for nerve regeneration e.g. acetyl caritine elsewhere. If you PM me I’ll see if I can find the thread.

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" they can’t pin down the actuall problem other then Nerve damage"

who is “they” ?

You should see a neurologist if you have not already done so. And if they are no good you should see another one.

It is possible a chiropractor could help but see the neuro first in case you have something serious.

Off the top of my head though it sounds more like you have chiro related problems.

BUT THIS IS POTENTIALLY SERIOUS and you should see a neuro first to exclude anything else. It would be negligent of me to suggest you see a chiro first. Also if you have seen doctors and they can’t pinpoint your condition then you need to see better ones. Also, are “they” neurologists or just general practitioners?

Now that serious bit is out of the way, it does sound a lot like something a chiro could fix. Especially if it is sporadic.

As for GH and anything else, forget it. There is no magic solution yet. Some things are promising in the labs and maybe soon we’ll have something but not yet.

“they” are the Nuerosurgeon at Johns Hopkins who did the original brain surgery for Chiari Malformation. the rest of “they” are the Nurologists I have seen since the last instalment of symptoms. My mother is a nurse and I have seen the “best” nuero’s in Delaware and the all of them have been unable to find a physical abnormality which would explain it, the doc at johns hopkins thought it could be a strange type of migraine. they ruled out MS and a few other things but by the time they ran through the battery of physical tests, i.e MRI, Cat scan, EMG and simple blood tests the symptoms seemed to abate, this was after a car accident that the symptoms abated. they thing is there was a syrnx on the MRI’s prior to the accident after there were no signs of one. trust me the first time you are unable to get up because your legs do not function you realize it might be something you should look into, the second time you are taken to te ER because you can barely speak you most definately do everything you can to get to the bottom of things. sorry if I had not made clear that I have exhaustively researched this through the nuero’s and have spent many hours being poked, prodded and photographed by doctors. they are at a loss other then to say there is something wrong, they have witnessed the symptoms and they can see the problems physically, my left calf lost 1" in about 7-8 weeks because of this. However the best theory they have so far is that it could have been the Syrnx or it could be a form of migraines which cause “misfiring”(my laymens explanation) in the brain which cause it. I hate explaining it because it it such a strange thing, and most people do not understand it. let me just say that if you have gone throuhg a brain surgery and have had work done on your spinal cord you tend to take things about your health seriously and you also tend to look into anything that will allow you to continue to walk, even if it may be untested it might not be a bad idea if there are not too many side effects. you look at the cost benefit and go with what will work. am already on tons of supps for nerve regrowth but anything that may help is worth trying. I still live my life fine it is just something I would like to fix if possible or even maybe just make things a bit better or have the symptoms less frequently. again long explanation but I hope that explains it. BB

Syrinx’s don’t typically just go away (though there is an artifact on MRI which can easily be mistaken for a syrinx…hard to imagine that happening if the MRI was read at Hopkins ).

It is difficult piecing together what your original diagnosis was, what surgery was done, and what sypmtoms you’re having so I might be able to make some half way intelligent comment.

“a brain surgery and have had work done on your spinal cord”

Did you have a chiari II and surgery was in childhood? or chiari I and then what was the surgery on the spinal cord?

Hopkins is pretty high power so I assume it is safe you’ve been checked for e.g. lyme, CSF for MS, etc?

–I can point you to the nerve regrowth post, but I don’t have time to go through it as its long and list all the supps.

–Assuming you’ve had a good conventional work up and nothing can be found (and no response to supps):

A. I don’t know the time course i.e. how long has all this been going on, but is there some whopping stress in your life e.g. very toxic job, person living with you, etc?

B. In cases where conventional medicine fails, and particularly when they can’t even figure out what is going on diagnostically a number of people find some help with acupuncture. You’d want someone very experienced. Ideal would be like some little old chinese man/woman who’s been doing this for decades.

I had spinal decompression due to chiari 1 malformation on aug 28, 2003, the work on the spinal cord was movement to adjust it and had soem damage from playing football that exacerbated the Chiari problem( mostly just movede it and had to “play” with some things in the cerebelum and spinal cord to get things to rest right. from what I have understood a syrnx can move or change size/shape due to head/neck trauma. However my doc at johns hopkins says it was most likly not the syrnx causing the problem. One the other Nuero’s said it could be. when they did the MRI with contrast it did not show up, this was after the accident so… . there was absolutely no stress during the first onset of symptoms after surgery( I was only taking 14 credits and things were great in all ways, the second onset lately could have been somewhat stress related, I dont think so but I cannot be sure, def under some stress taking 19 credits and working the weekends but things are going very well( about a 3.0~2.9 which is good for my math ed major) so I really don’t think mental stress is an issue, and if you knew me you prob would not either, very relaxed. thanks for the idea of accupuncture though will def try to find someone very exp in the area and go for a trial run. thank for the input BB

thanks for the ideas. I will def try the accupuncture route, I have only been goin on the supps since Jan when things started to settle down a bit after the symptoms post surg. but have lately been trying a certain lind of B12 that is supposed to be good for the CNS to help with repair, other then that the usual, calcium, mag, zinc, taurine, B’s, c, E, L-tyrosine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and a few others in case it is somehow joint related. thanks for the ideas. I know the posts may be a bit convoluted I don’t go into detail unless necessary so it may be fragmented. really appriceciate all the help though. thakn BB

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did you get my PM?

yeah looking it over now, seems like it could be very useful. thanks alot BB

Actually I am just looking through the link now and it looks like exactly what I was looking for. I am printing it out and going to go throuhg every idea and research it and see about it. there is a specific mention of compression damage and that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks alot for the link in the PM. BB

Aha sorry if my post before sounded like I thought you had not seen anyone, from your original post I suspected maybe you had not? You’d be amazed how many people go on the net trying to diagnose and cure themselves without seeing a doctor first.

It seems you’ve done a lot to try and work this out.

This article about spinal regen came out today.


The sucky thing about CNS regen is they have been talking like a breakthough is just around the corner… for decades.