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HGH and Nerve Damage



My question to all the current and former users of HGH: did any one of you have any sort of nerve pain or damage? And did you notice if the HGH helped with the pain or helped rebuild the damaged nerve?
Also has anyone that has done any research on HGH come across any studies or articles on this?


I know of a doctor who treated an 80 year old stroke patient with HGH, around 2IUs a day I think, and the guy made a miraculous recovery. He was originally told that he would be dead in around 6 months, and that he would be virtually paraplegic from the brain damage. After about 6 months he had regained motor control at a rapid rate. I guess this is different than your case, but who knows it may help.


Thats exactly what I was lookn for!
Sounds like this HGH is some pretty amazing stuff!

I will keep everyone updated as time goes on.


Sheep -

I have two old "war wounds" where I have lost feeling due to nerve damage. One from a motorcycle accident 15 years ago that left the interior surface of my right calf without feeling. The second was from the removal of a benign tumor below my ear 11 years ago. Since taking HGH I have developed tingling, pins n needles, shooting pains on rare occasion in both spots.

This developed slowly over about the first 2 months of injections of ~3-4 iu / day. FWIW.... I don't know if this means anything, but I suspected the development of feeling was something to do with HGH.

Keep us updated if you note changes.


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