HGH and Mini Cut - Will it Affect Hyperplasia?

Hi guys,

Simple question, complicated answer I guess. As they say, you should use hGH for at least 6 months to benefit from its hyperplasia effect on muscle fibers. I’m wondering how the energy deficit will affect the process. I’m tired of eating, and my morning glucose is increasing after 3 months of a very beneficial bulking phase (still under the threshold, but I’ve observed more fat accumulation last 2 weeks). Also, I feel that my tendons and joints need to recover, thus I should lower volume and intensity significantly. I’m also a bit mentally overwhelmed by the training program I execute. All these lead to a mini cut as a perfect choice. The only dilemma is hGH protocol - I don’t want to waste its effects on hypertrophy, and I have an impression that stopping the anabolic environment (by decreasing kcal intake) could critically affect hyperplasia.

Hyperplasia is very overrated. Even if it occurs it gives you a few % and you would also be taking boatloads of GH.
Anyways using GH for hyperplasia is a waste because it either doesnt happen since you don’t take enough GH or it happens to such a low degree that it doesn’t matter.
Since your morning glucose is getting fucky, taking GH only makes it worse also.

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Thanks for your answer. I will proceed with the mini-cut then. Till then I’ve been taking 5 IU before bedtime, I will split the dose starting today:

  1. 3 IU before bedtime, fasted cardio in the morning
  2. 2 IU 1h before strength workout, some cardio afterwards

& stopping the insulin.

For even minimal chance to even consider hyperplasia as a thing, youd be on 15-20ius. 5ius doesnt even grow muscle.
Fatloss is best at 1-2ius and high frequency because GH half life is like 3-4 hours.

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I’ve seen ppl suggest 2iu for fat loss, although I’ve never seen that myself. When I take HGH the water retention makes moving the scale weight down difficult. And that bloated look kinda defeats the point of the cut to begin with. So I use HGH just when bulking and even then, when I run out of what I have I’m not getting more. Just not worth it for me. It’s such a minor impact.

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