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HGH and Insulin


I’m 37 ran 5 cycles AAS with 2 last year totally stopped 9 months ago but fixing to start a new cycle and I’ve done my research on AAS but I’m have trouble find much on HGH and insulin my diets on point but I’m still having trouble understanding the ?s I have on insulin is there a place for great research or could someone help me in staying safe by the way I’m and iron worker and so everyday is a constant workout before the gym but going hypo at 100 to 200ft off the growd isn’t my idea of safe


Insulin is for increasing the amount of food intake your body can process. And outside of pro bodybuilding I think it is unnecessary and dangerous compared to AAS.

Hgh is mentioned to offset the insulin after your meal in this combo (as far as I Know). It can also be taken in incredibly high pulse doses to increase size/decrease body fat.

Lower dosed HGH promoted connective tissue health, endurance, and lower body fat.

Never taken them myself but I have freinds who have. Does that help?


What are your goals?


GH status is best evaluated by testing IGF-1. Never test GH itself.

IGF-1 is what gets the job done. Your IGF-1 will be higher from SC/SQ injection than IM injections. Slow release is what is needed, what matters is time under the curve, not area under the curve.

GH promotes IGF-1 production in the liver. Higher serum GH levels simply will not lead to faster IGF-1 production as the liver is rate limited in IGF-1 production. Some people make more IGF-1 than others. You would be better off taking large GH amounts as separate injections during the day.

As with T, GH injections shutdown your own production. If you were making .4iu per day, the first .4iu that you inject does nothing. So relative benefit is there for those who really are low VS those who have decent levels.

GH is released after glucose levels start to drop and proteins are been absorbed with increasing amino acids in the blood stream [feeding response]. Your GH can be timed for that. But many simply dose at bed time when GH levels normally rise during sleep. For those who are training without GH injections, they should be aware that sugars can oppose protein utilization by impeding GH release.

Be careful with insulin, you can crash your glucose levels and one could die of a diabetic coma. Always have a major source of sugar ready to drink if you feel weakness taking over.


My goals honest strength for work and size I’m shoot to stack on 40 lbs of solid muscul in the next yr I drop 30 in six months when I hit a depressed state and stop my workout my diet and just had a give up on life kind feeling it was a bad time. But my mind is back the depression is gone and I’m more driven than ever I’ve never really been able to see gains till the last 5 yrs except with a cycle now I grow from my age I guess I don’t really know what happen but the last two cycles pushed me from 145 to 185 but the first 15 was from my diet alone so 25 was from gear. I have honestly put my body threw hell most of my adult life from a bad opioid addiction but I know the gh and insulin combo is dangerous but I do want the full benefit of my gh and from the AAS and it’s a life long commitment I know except the slin I just want all the info on gh and slin I can get before I make my full decisions to do it