HGH and Insulin

I 've started HGH (6 IU/D) and I’m getting slin because I’m a diabetic anyway.
I have three different protocols for pwo injection

  1. inject HGH then 20 mn later inject slin (to get a synergy between both)
  2. inject HGH then get pwo drink and slin immediately after
  3. inject slin, get pwo drink (with sugars) an hour later inject HGH (because during a peak of insulin, liver cannot transform HGH into IGF1)
    Which way is best? Which way is wrong ?

just curious are you first timer with GH?


I’have been a type I diabetic for 18 years. It’s my third GH cycle but previous cycles were very light and not scientific enough. They didn’t last long enough. This time I 'll have GH for longer than a year, doses are decent and I hope to get hyperplasia. I don’t have problems at all with my bloodsugar, I check it every two hours on average and I’m OK.

OK. What about my question ? Which protocol ?

i’d go with #1

Who is R-2-L, how can I read his papaers ?