HGH and Insulin Sensitivity

Hey guys,

ive been taking anavar and low test prop (TRT) with ECA stack to stay lean over the fall months while eating a keto type diet with carbs only on lifting days around my workouts.

Im on GH for the first time and i know from past experineces i do well with DHT steriods and steriods with no estrogen conversation or no real ester to it. Ive taken prop and anavar and gotten very good results and dryness. I figured i would add HGH because it will keep me even leaner and i have the money for it.

After two months of being on 4iu a day, my stomach bloating has gotten bad and my stomach is watery / extended. I try to eat and take supplements that are for insulin resistant individuals becuase i do terrible when my insulin spikes. I read up about HGH and that it can cause a spike to insluin…

i got off of it the last two weeks, implemented dandelion root and some sauna sessions but stayed on my prop and anavar and my stomach has leaned right out again???

any feed back here ?

Get some metformin if you’re going to run hgh

GH can induce insulin resistance as well as inappropriate spikes in blood glucose. get bloods, if you’re prediabetic get on top off that asap, not only will it promote endothelial dysfunction, leave you in a pro inflammatory state, but insulin sensitivity is CRITICAL within regard to achieving an anabolic state, the nutrient partitioning effects of insulin cannot be overstated enough, insulin resistance is the ultimate killer of gains when on cycle, training etc.