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HGH and Injuries

Hey folks, I’m curious about your opinions. Does HGH help with the recovery of injuries? Say a pulled muscle etc.?
For me I’m healthy, eat healthy, train tons both weights and fight training.

I’m 38 years old and in pretty good shape. However my recovery from minor injuries are taking a hell of a long time i.e. a strain muscle in the achilles heel is taking months, a toe turf injury is taking up to almost 9 months.

From what I hear so far HGH and my age is the optimal time to do it. Can you list benefits of HGH, any side effects if there are, what is best to use and how??

Also fyi I will do a search for further info because I know there are tons of info on this site on this subject but my more direct question is injury recovery.

Many thanx.

OK normally I would tell you that the answers to your questions are easily reachable with simple googling, but your avatar has hypnotised me into being helpful :slight_smile:


Gaining muscle and losing fat

Return of sexual drive, potency & pleasure

Losing Wrinkles & Cellulite

More restful sleep - help for insomniacs

Improved mood/sense of well being

Substantially increased bone density

Hair growth/colour restoration

Return of youthful vitality, energy & stamina

Improved memory, alertness and concentration

Faster injury recovery

Eyesight, cholesterol & blood pressure improvements

HGH will help you with recovery, it is recommended to run a cycle of at least 4iu a day (with periodic off days for example 5 on 2 off) for at least 6 months to see any great benefit.

I have been on HGH for only 2 weeks so cannot offer much personal insight at the moment.

It is also recommended to run test with HGH and insulin can be of great benefit alongside HGH.

If like me you do not plan to use insulin look into the effects on natural insulin levels caused by HGH, and you may consider using metformin.

This thread is very interesting in that regard:


Also for more HGH info please look here:


All that just for a bit of cleavage hahaha!


I should just also add I have been told by quite a few experienced users not to expect major things and that HGH is not a miracle drug and is not as amazingly as effective as some people may believe.

A lot of the hype about HGH has been caused by anti-aging clinics that benefit financially from positive media about HGH

Glad my avatar could help. Thanx for the post btw, it was helpful. I will continue to search, thought I’d stop here and ask also. Thanx for the links!