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HGH and IGF-1


Where would I be able to get these? I was told before that the liquid/spray kind didn't work but I don't know how to get the injected type. Is this illegal? What are some possible substitutes that may work really well? I'm looking for stuff to help increase my size and athleticism. Thanks for the help guys.


How about hard work and lift some weights? That too hard for you?


Like any illegal substance... you will be hard pressed for anyone to come forward in a public forum and provide you with sources.

Without specifics, these are widely available on the internet. I believe they are highly suseptable to temperature and shipping conditions unlike other more stable hormones. So reliability is always a concern.



Kinda vague but not too vague. Nice answer Maxx. However, IMO that's all someone who's has no time "in the trenches" should get. By that I mean I don't know you man. Popping out the woodwork and asking about sources for illegal drugs on a site like this isn't something that was that cool AT all for a little bit. I liked that about this place. Everyone in the know "knew" and you had to pull you weight and put in time to get somewhat of a rep so someone might halfway put there trust in you and pass along what they know.

NOT THIS "Hey can you's guys tells me where to get some growth hormone. I wanna be a better athelete" ...oh wait I spelt that right. This isnt' neccesarily directed at the new guy who started this thread as he's new and probably didn't know. Still I know some of you boys see the change I'm talking about. I'm unsure of it.


In any case, there have been posts on this subject where sources have been mentioned. You can search the forums yourself.


HGH is controlled is most states. IGF-1 can be legally purchased for research use.