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HGH and Healing Effects?

I know there’s a few of you out there who have run HGH for a 4-6 month cycle and had good results. I’m curious to know if you noticed any healing effects while taking it, such as less nagging / pain in shoulders, knees, any problem areas…

I have run BPC in the past, and have considered BPC/TB500. More just curious.

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I have a buddy that has run it. He said his elbow healed very quickly on it (he used it specifically for his elbow). He has also said he now does not think he would do it again. He was worried about insulin resistance and becoming diabetic because of it. Something to explore if you decide to go down the HGH path.

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I’m not sure about healing but I definitely think it significantly improves my recovery. I’m doing total body workout 3 times a week and DOMS is limited and recovery high

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I havent noticed healing either but then again it’s not what I’m looking for from it. But as @studhammer said, it does certainly improve recovery.


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