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Questions about HGH and GHRP in particular

Researched both online quite a bit, a good amount of contradictory information. Curious to hear some opinions on the nation.

Thanks to anyone who has the time/willingness to assist with any questions they have answers to.

  1. If HGH and GHRP can be had through a prescription, how does one go about seeking a prescription? Except for severe illness, most “recreational” use, for sports and by the geriatric, are clearly on a self-seeking basis.

  2. Can they be ordered off a reliable website at pharm-grade? Legal status? From what I’ve read it seems like it is legal to possess and even buy, it is the selling that is dubious.

  3. If one is primarily seeking connective tissue benefits, does one: a) take them upon injury until the injury has healed and then abort use, b) use them continuously, c) do the effects continue after use is terminated, i.e. are the tissues/ligaments actually strengthened beyond the time-frame of usage?

  4. What are possible sides besides increased appetite and higher risk of diabetes (temporary numbness in extremities?)?

  5. Effect on libido, sex-drive and testicles? Do the crazy fluctuations associated with AAS pertain to these substances as well?

  6. Effect on body after use is terminated? Is a post regimen necessary to reestablish normalcy?

  7. Any special contradictions for young men? I am 22, for instance.

  8. Are there other HGH derivatives or other compounds that should be taken before/with/after for best performance and health benefits?

If anyone wants to quantify their knowledge with personal experience, feel free to say so. If not, I understand.

if anyone has good info on this topic, feel free to PM me websites :wink: