HGH and Drug Tests?

I am thinking of starting on HGH. I need to know if anyone has had issues with job drug testing. I can’t risk my career. Any input is great, If you’ve had sucess with it that is something i am interested in hearing. THANKS!

If you did the least bit of research, you would know that there is no such thing as a reliable HGH drug test. Much less one that corporations would put their money on.

pro sports organizations don’t even test for hGH because of the difficulty/cost…why do you think your corporate job would?

Ive never even heard of a job testing for steroids.

[quote]FuriousGeorge wrote:
why do you think your corporate job would?[/quote]

Top Secret Mormon Anti-Terrorism Unit.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
FuriousGeorge wrote:
why do you think your corporate job would?

Top Secret Mormon Anti-Terrorism Unit.[/quote]

  I hit the floor with that!!


Wow Contrl, good job with that one yet again…

I figured after the way you described last night your brain would be in too many pieces due to hangover…


I just recently read something on an unnamed German corporation developing an HGH test for WADA/Beijing olympics, I can’t find the article right now but I think it was on yahoo.