HGH and Carpal Tunnel

I need some advice for a friend of mine. He has been taking 3IU’s a day in the morning of HGH for 7 weeks. He was planning on taking HGH for 6 months but the Carpal Tunnel has become unbearable in the last week. He has upped his Potassium plus takes Vitamin B6/Tumeric. Do you guys recommend stopping until the Carpal Tunnel is gone the restarting at a lower dose? Or is it best to just lower the dose? He doesnt want to create a situation where the Carpal Tunnel become permanent. He has tried to look up BBB’s protocol but cant find it. He tried to find info about this couldn’t find a thread just based on this subject. Please help!!(Him)

This is pretty common. Happened to me as well. Tell him to stick it out. Mine went away after about 8 or 9 weeks. Tell him to stretch his hands back to stretch out the carpal tendon. Do a little research online to see what I’m talking about.

He read that info about the stretching. Hes concerned that if he continues it will do more harm than good. Did your carpal tunnel go away after use? Did you lower your dose?

This is just my opinion–I’m not a doctor or medically trained; I’m just a gym rat who likes taking PEDs. If the side effects are unbearable I’d say cut the dose back. If he’s taking 3 units now, have him try 2 units and see how he responds. If the side effects go away, give it a week or two then try 2.5. I’m assuming that 3 units was chosen as a dosage for some reason, so I’m trying to offer a solution to get him back to 3. I might add, though, that I take 2 units daily and have for an extended period of time with no side effects, and I love how it makes me feel. All that to say, if the unbearable side effects fade at 2 units he may consider just staying there.

Makes sense. I guess his biggest concern is doing permanent damage because he loves the way it feels also. If he knew that there would be no permanent damage continuing at a lower dose he will continue. That’s why he wanted to pick the brain of people who have much more experience. He really wants to go 6 months.

Yes, mine went away completely after 2 months and I was at 4 iu/day. No, I did not lower my dose until after 3 months and only to 3 iu