HGH and Bruising

I am having problems with bruising after I inject SQ. I am injecting across my stomach starting at my love handles and working my way to the other side in 2-3 inch intervals. I am starting to get a patch work of bruises across my stomach.

Are there any tricks to avoid this? Would putting an ice cube over the spot after I inject shrink the capillaries and reduce the bruising?

I am basically afraid to take my shirt off anywhere for fear someone who knows better will call me out.

Do a search for the thread called “BBB’s GH protocol” or something very close to that.

Or in other words, inject IM not sub-Q. In areas that are not larded up with blubber, a 1/2 inch insulin needle can deliver an IM injection.

The problem is that your are bleeding. When you inject, pull out the needle and immediately press firmly on the injection site with a finger tip, that will stop the bleeding and after 15 seconds, the vessels will have closed. This has eliminated most such issues for me.

If you inject below the navel, there may be more and larger blood vessels there in the fat tissue.

I agree that IM injections with insulin can be less prone to bruising VS SC. More comfortable too. SC over the quads may be an option as well in terms of comfort and visibility.

acro25: What needles are you using?