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HGH, Anadrol and Test E

Hey guys so after about an year gap finally decided to do an anadrol , test e and hgh cycle… Never used anadrol or hgh before but have done test e and var… Was thinking
Anadrol 50mg ed
Test e 500mg ew
Hgh 2-3iu ed
Got arimidex in hand and cialis as some forums said anadrol might give ed to some people
Going on a liver protect as well.
Have done successful pcts
Nolva and clomid 40 and 100 and week 3 of pct -20 and 50
Question looking to build strength think anadrol dosage of enough? As one of my bodybuilder friends told me to go for anadrol 100 ed… And anything else I should add? Thanks for your input.

Between the drol and the GH you may be retaining a lot of water those first few weeks. You’ll want to keep a close watch on your BP.

Yes I heard about water retention… But not about bp… Will keep an eye… Any thing else I need to look out for or add?

That’s a fairly low dose of HGH so the side should be mild. A lot of the studies I have read regarding HGH for muscle building/fat loss are more in the10-15 iu a day range. Not suggesting that you increase the dose but maybe take a look around and research so you get the most out of it during your cycle.

I read to go between 2-6iu for beginners?

Yea I just spent some time looking around again and there is a lot of mixed advice on it… Some people say 1-3 iu for skin care etc 3-8 for fat loss and cutting 8-15 for muscle etc… Then others say lower doses are fine for muscle building but the general theme I get is and this is just how I interpret what I’m reading and that is to make it worth it I would go between 4-8 iu/day. But that’s the problem with reading these generic sites is there is so much mixed information and a lot of it doesn’t come from first hand experience it’s just from some scientist making educated guesses from how the drug/hormone/chemical supposed to react… Take a look and see if you can find any HGH forums where people have ran cycles at diff doses with diff body stats etc. There might even be some here not sure

the guy I m getting it is a former bodybuilder …he said to go at 3-4 iu to start off… Said it was more than enough… Maybe I ll try it out and see how I feel… After 2-3 months I can always increase the dose

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I would def take his advice!

That’s a sensible dose to start out with. Remember, the key to all of this is minimum effective dose. How much of X do you need to take in order to get result Y. Anadrol at 50mg/d has been very effective for a lot of guys. Other guys run it at 3x that amount. Just depends on what you want, how bad the side effects are, and how much more you can get out of a higher dose. There’s a lot of trial and error.

I’ve been on 4 iu/day now for about a month. Expect some serious water retention in the beginning. I personally loved it for squatting, made my knees feel they were wrapped in foam. After the the water goes away, you should start to see some fat loss. Also, my muscles seem to stay hard all the time and I get crazy pumps.

Yes that’s what I m looking for… Hopefully a boost in my squat and deadlift too… The guy didn’t mention any pct for hgh… Anything you guys think I should have ready?

I’ve never heard of pct for HGH. You might consider a taper though to help wean you off.

yeah that was the plan Hopefully I should be able to get in about 6 months… Fingers crossed minimum of 4 I m thinking