HGH Alternative Update

A possible cheaper alternative…

BioPartners Announces CHMP Positive Opinion for its Biosimilar Recombinant Human Growth Hormone - Valtropin
BAAR, Switzerland, Feb. 24 /CNW/ - BioPartners, a global, privately owned
biopharmaceuticals company has received a positive opinion from the European
Medicines Agency’s Committee on Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) for
its similar biological medicinal product Valtropin™, containing recombinant
human growth hormone.

Commenting on this, Professor Paul Saenger, Professor of Paediatrics at

the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, USA and Immediate Past
President, Lawson Wilkins Paediatric Endocrine Society said “if it is granted
marketing authorisation, Valtropin™ will provide paediatric
endocrinologists with a more cost-effective treatment option for growth
disorders compared to the currently marketed growth hormone preparations and
this in turn allow us to treat more patients, which is great news”.

"A positive opinion from the CHMP is a key milestone in our efforts and

it demonstrates BioPartners’ commitment and dedication to the development of
competitive biosimilar products" stated Mr Jean-Noel Treilles, CEO of
BioPartners. “We anticipate an approval for Valtropin™ and this will
strengthen our development programme for our innovative delayed release rhGH
formulation currently in Phase III. We are looking forward to providing
healthcare professionals and patients with this innovative treatment in the
very near future”.

How about MGF???

ANyone know someone who’s used this?

Could be some serious mustard :wink:

I might just have to let you all know in a few weeks.

Not sure I wanna ginny pig it yet bro, haven’t seen a price tag for one. AND the other various unknown’s, however those seem like they would be on par with igf-1.

Apparently IBE who makes Oratropin-1 has released MGF. I know nothing about the company or their legitimacy. Does anyone have any experience with them? If they have a positive track record I would have no problem testing the stuff out.