HGH After Surgery

I’m about to have surgery on my shoulder to repair a torn labrum, torn bicep tendon, and torn RC. I’m concerned about recovery time. Does taking HGH after surgery decrease healing time and aid in recovery?



You didn’t really need to ask that…

2-4 IU ED for as long as required. I think 2-3 months shuold be enough.
Costs: 2500-7000USD if you get if from your doctor. 500 or less for cheap generics

I’m going to leave this to the experts on PED usage, but I think if you’re going to use it you should stick with 2 IU. Low dose is preferred IMHO for healing/recovery properties. As for ED, E3D dosing, I don’t know. ED seems it may make the most sense for healing, especially for such a low dose, but I have reservations because when seeking dramatic changes EOD/E3D is recommended, and there is something to be said for letting your system reach baseline GH levels.