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HGH Advice


i’m a newbie and looking to gain some knowledge.
i’m 210 lbs 20% bf.
My goal is to loose weight and build muscle mass.
Although i’m by no means convinced i’am considering HGH route.
My questions are should i be considering
AAS first?
Gonna face locating problems being in uk?
Be considering other mehtods first?
HGH does seem appealing although exspensive.
I’m not looking for a quick fix but a six month solution(to start)

Any advice be gratefully accepted and accept constructive critiscm.

How old are you? How long have you been training? How tall are you (just being nosey now but I’m curious)
I am also in the UK, it is legal to import steroids and use them (personal use only)
Depending on your goals (exactly how much muscle you want to build and how much fat you want to lose) you will be able to drop fat and build muscle by altering your diet.
Read the sticky’s in the AAS forum, read the diet and nutrition articles, especially the one’s by John Beradi
Also whilst on your article search read steroids for dummies.
Its always best to make as much progress as possible before using AAS and fine tuning your diet as best as you can. No one on this forum will advise you to consider AAS until you are at least 22 or so, and have made some decent progress, after all, if you can’t train or eat properly you shouldn’t be using steroids.
So… read read read. Read some more… implement, stick around and you won’t ever need to go elsewhere for help, which you’ll get whence you are ready.
Good luck…

im 35
2 years training.
It is legal?? only with prescription though i think??
I would like to be 190 5%-10% bf.
Shall check those sections out thank you

oh yeah 184 cm forgot that bit.