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HGH. Advice Needed


I have finished my cycle of Deca at 440mg, Equipoise 600mg, test 350mg per week and Trenbolone acetate 100mg eod for 14 weeks all told. I am now going for the HGH inbetween my cycle cooling down time. I can get my hands on Keifie 100iu kits. Just wondering; Is it Keifie hgh any good, because its a lot of money to throw around? I appreciate all comments. (Oh just to mention to those who are interseted; my cycle gave me slow gains but the gains I made were solid quality gains with very little water and no bloat face. Nice vascularity showing with etched muscles not "test" round fatty looking muscles).


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Hi, Thanks for the reply bushido, the stuff is not the common Kefei, its of a different spelling "keifie". Think i'll give it a miss though and take some creatine and aminos for the 12 weeks Im off the juice. From what I have been told gains are not great on HGH.