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HGH + AAS Stacking

HELP! I’ve been ramping HGH up to 18ius6/1 for the past 4 months. I got some great results (10#net, BIA from 16>9%)and still have @ 750ius left that I would like to store until after another bulking stack. Today I’m 185#; up from 112# 3&1/2yrs back. 5’8.

I want to start Deca-Test-Dianobol but since I have H2O retention probs big time plus used HiTestCyp stak in the past, need to add Nolva. DOES ANYBODY NO OF ANOTHER AGENT THAT DOESNT INTERFERE with my HGH so that I could run 4ius concurrently with my roids? Any advice? Should I keep it simple & just stick to roids 4 now? I’m 49 yo and want to get up to @ 225# & maybe even compete.