HGH: 5 Days On, 2 Days Off

Has anyone herd of this approach before is there any good results from it? Or is it just to save money

Its just to save money. GH half life is very short. Those who want maximum benefits take it 2-5 times A DAY. From benefit standpoint there is no reason to not take it for 2 days.
I also believe that if money is such issue that you need to save 2 days worth of GH, you probably wont be able to take big enough dose for long enough.

I’ve seen papers where people with a hGH deficiency are medically advised to take between 5 and 7 days a week. I’ve not seen anything that says more than once a day
Heres a Tnation post from a member (@baka) who was taking medically once a day at night (there are a few papers stating its best to take at night)

There are also papers with similar results just taking a larger amount 3 days a week (they mention 3iu per dose rather than around 1iu per dose).

However these are all sites for “medical” use rather than PED use (I use the " because a lot are “wellness clinics” where I’m sure they stretch the definition of medically needed somewhat?)
I started with 3iu every other day but keep getting carpal tunnel in one wrist (I also had a minor itchy reaction that passed by using antihistamines) so am now using 1iu a day (sometimes miss a day due to life stuff). I’ve tried slowly raising the level but each time I get to 3iu I get wrist pains.
I’m using for “anti-ageing” effects, can’t say I’ve seen much of anything other than a bit of weight loss originally.

This site has a few bits I found interesting, again it is a wellness site so some articles are obviously just selling points.

Please bear in mind I’m not a med pro, or big and strong or rich. If I was any of the above things I’d probably be doing this differently…

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My numbers stay in the high region for my age taking 0.3mg per day (a little under 3 iu). I suspect on my current dose, they’re a tad higher and what is giving me the best effect (0.4mg: I have not tested on this dose or higher or I might get a lower dose pen prescription, forcing me to not be able to inject more than prescribed on a daily basis). I have little to no visceral fat; it’s as if my body doesn’t want to store it there at all. My skin also sheds a lot quicker and stays tight.

As far as muscle growth goes, I have not resumed going to the gym after completely cutting it off at the beginning of C19 after making my way to 5’9" 100kg/8-10%ish, probably taking a couple of the shitty end years of my life off abusing testosterone/primo (earlier posts will show up to 750mg test/200mg primo injection per week, but typically 500mg test for 2+ years along with other blasts of orals, with bridging and pushing the limits on weeks run [6+] of orals until my bloodwork said slow down, also taking oral albuterol to keep fat off at like months at a time and resetting with the antihistamine [unsure of its name], really only stopping when my body said “no” [physically ill]).

I have not found the motivation to get back to being that large. It was also quite expensive too, with $1000~ (edit: with how expensive eggs and everything else is now, it would probably be $1750+) on my food alone to take in the calories I needed as healthily as I could (I probably couldn’t have blasted that long eating shitty).

I suspect, though, that you don’t need to do 5 days to save money, and that you can get the most out of it just injecting normally at a lower dose as you’re already “exogenous” at the point of injection (someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think injecting tells your body to stop natural production). So, I would say it’s better to take 7 days a week at a lower dose than coming off 2 days to get a larger dose as you are still growing on your rest days, and that lower dose might just come in handier than not having any dose at all. Just my opinion, not formulated on anything.


I think taking exogenous causes a suppression of natural production but only for a very short time (I “think” its back up and running within a day or so but cant see anything scientific with a quick search, just a few people “thinking” it is without actual back up info. Like me…)

Which is all more reason to take a lower dose for 7 days as opposed to skipping 2. Wouldn’t you say? Seems like going into a deficit for 2 days would cause more harm than good because growth is still occurring.

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Exactly what I thought too.

For HGH isn’t .3mg = 1iu? My vials are 5.8mg each with just over 17iu

You are correct. 1mg is 3iu

You must be using Omnitrope. Same as I use. How much are you paying if you don’t mind my asking? It cost me $2500 for a kit of 8 vials. At 2iu a day that lasts me 2.5 months so its up there.

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No I’m not through that company. I get mine scripted and filled at local pharmacy through Good Rx. I’ve tried UGL in the past from several sources. I had issues with swelling, water, heart rate etc prob due to dimer content. Pharma no issues. Plus I now only stick with legal scripted routes.

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Wow that’s pretty good, is that via a clinic using Empower? I found a clinic that will Rx it for me and has Empower supply them, but it’s very $$$. About $500 per vial. I think that is roughly double retail according to GoodRx. But, I get the legit Rx for AGHD.

Empower currently can’t deliver to VA, something about getting their license renewed. I may be looking to go private here soon.

No I go to my local Publix (grocery in FL) and use a good Rx coupon. Empower wants almost $500/vial as you said. With Good Rx and a kit it’s down to a little over $300/vial. That’s atrocious compared to UGL but I didn’t have good experience with UGL HGh and as stated I’m keeping it legal moving forward.

The dream; using goodrx at an actual pharmacy

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FWIW I’ve had hormone problems my whole life. I’m chronically below range on my IGF-1 tests so I was able to get scripted. It did take some finagling on my part as nobody wants to script it, but I was able to pull it off.

If you wouldnt mind sharing, what was the process you went through to get it rx’d?
Type of doc, how many confirmation labs, etc.

I have an endocrinologist for my primary hypog, and I’d like to have him add igf1 to the lab next time. He’s going to resist, but I’ll try.


Ah gotcha. Feel like it was worth the effort?

Probably not at 2iu/day. I immediately noticed the deeper sleep but other than that havn’t noticed a ton of difference. For the cost/reward I would say ‘no’. I think 4iu would be the minimum to see benefits physique wise.


Gotcha, I may bump up to 4iu for 3-4 months and see. I’ve got a lot stockpiled. I don’t notice anything really at 2iu. Get hair cuts more often, that’s about it