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HGH, 25 of 16UI of Genotropin

Hi, iam from monterrey, mexico, i just got 25 boxes of genotropin 16ui. My last cycle was 2 years ago, and i am staring again from 0, well, i am going to use 6 ui ed (3 at the morning 3 at night) whit winstrol, 100mg eod the first 6 weeks. Test at 250 week, for 10 weeks, and masteron 300 week for 8 weeks, please give some advice, i am not sure if this will work, my stats, are 5,10. 200punds, 15 bf, looking to cut to 10% of bf

I am by no means an expert, but that is a lot of different kind of gear man, plus 6 iu’s a day is starting to get up to where you may see negative sides maybe? I don’t know, someone else should discuss this, one of the more experienced people

Well, somebody else??

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