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HGH 1st time

Guys I have been reading posts here for awhile and thought I would see if I could get some straight facts about HGH…
I am about to start a cycle and wanted to know what I could expect from my first cycle. I am 6 ft 5in 255lbs pretty lean and looking to add a couple pounds and shed some fat. If I just took the HGH by itself?

From my research the most safe, cost effective and best way to take GH is at 2iu/day for 6 months in a row or more. At that dosage it will take several months to see any gains at all. However you can expect in the long term to lose alot of bodyfat and gain several pounds of permanent muscle. As well as improving recovery time and protecting the joints. This is a very low dosage and you really dont have to worry about side effects at this dosage. In some literature similar low dosages have actually shown some health improving/life extension effects.

You could also go up to 4IU. It also depends on the brand. I find 3IU or more of Jino is needed to feel the same affects as 1.5IU nutropin aq. And serostim took like 6IU.
2IU is a good replacement dose but it will take a while to see results. Stick with it and use it in the morning.