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HGH 1iu Daily, Benefits?

Hi Guys

What are the benefits of 1iu HGH daily?
Im interested more in the skin benefits and what else it may offer.
Or is 1iu just not enough?

Based on everything that’s out there—mostly anecdotes—the minimum effective dose for a healthy adult is 2iu/d. Anything under that is simply replacing what you naturally make. Now this is a massive grey area, so don’t take what I just said as gospel. If you have a serious deficiency then maybe 1iu is enough to see some benefits. But it seems unlikely to do much for someone who is otherwise not deficient.

Thanks Iron. My next question is on the skin improvements. My issue is I suffer with acne. Like my entire adult life. I have lots of scarring would the HGH @ 2 iu help with these issues? or would it just improve skin health and these issues would remain?