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HGC: When Is It a Must?


i'm planning my first cycle.
i would like to know when HGC is a must.
cause i can't find it and want to avoid to be in the need... as much as i can :slightly_smiling:



It's not a must, but if you want to use it I've PM'd you a European source.



I agree with tone. Unless you'r going on for years then you might wanna consider it. Otherwise, you'r fine.


im planning my first

thx for the pm :wink:


To be safe, you can use HCG with every cycle.



I like it at 500 ius 2 X week. Some say if the cycle is under 8 weeks you can get buy w/o it, some say wait until the last week and do 1500 ius 3 X a week, etc...I found using it throughout helped w/ recovery.


I have a similar question. I am about to go on a long test cycle (about 17 weeks). I was thinking about using 500iu of HCG every other week during the cycle. And 250iu 2x a week leading up to completion of the cycle. Would this be effective?
For cadav: This would be my first time using HCG and I have been cycling for about 6 yrs. But my cycles have been short only 1 longer than 8 weeks. Mainly because I have been afraid of the "testicular consequences" of staying on too long.