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Hgc Drops vs Hgc Injections


do both, hgc drops and hgc injections have the same affect when used for TRT.....thanks


No. To my knowledge, hCG is not available as a liquid. The stuff you see on the net (mostly related to the hCG diet) is junk. There isn't any real hCG in it. The only "real" stuff is the injectable kind that comes as a powder, and you mix it up yourself.


hcg drops are diluted homeopathic drops and by all accounts are a simple waste of money.


thanks , now i have another question, where do you buy the injectable kind, does all pham. care this drug,walgreens ect. thanks


yep. most pharmacies carry it.




walgreens says they can get hgc in a few days, after thet recive my sript, how much should i expect to pay for a month suppy of hcg , i don't think my insurs. will cover this drug


Most insurance covers it - unless you have a clause against fertility drugs. My insurance covered my first three months of local pickup, but then I had to switch to mail order. Name brand stuff is going to be expensive, while the generic won't be nearly as much.


The HCG drops that come from a pharmacy are first class and not diluted; they work just as well as the injectable, and right now are 1/3 the price of the injectable HCG. There is a shortage of the HCG "powder" and where I live no generic is available, meaning very high cost of Brand name only. ($165.00) I pay $50.00 for 3 months worth of Sublingual HCG, and I am very happy with the results.


i can get a scrip from any doc for hcg or a E2 , but i did get some test. from the doc., around here they don't write scrips for those meds. can anyone give a hint to go about getting this, thanks


Siblingual medication instantaneously hit the system full force but are also cleared rather quickly. Mostly within a 12 hour (up to a theorical 24 hour) window period based on personal experience and subjective indicators from other forum posters regarding sublingual meds.

Injections are slower release as it takes time for the body to incorporate the medication into the blood stream and therefore the body is slower to clear the meds from the system.

I wonder if taking sublingual drops every am would better mimic the pulsing releases of LH? or would it simply start up, then shut down your system causing daily crashes?

something that may deserve more review. I wouldn't mind if I could stop taking HCG shots EOD on top of my EOD Testosterone shots.


Yeah, pinning 5x a week gets old, even if 3 of them are just slin darts. That's over 250 jabs a year.


I don't want pellets, and patches and gels don't work for me, but this shooting every other day is getting kind of old. Not painful, just bothersome/cumbersome/disruptive.


KNB - what is your take on the argument regarding the molecular size of HCG being too large to be absorbed via sublingual methods? It makes sense to me especially given that insulin is a smaller sized molecule and can't be absorbed sublingually.

article from rejuvegenics.com/2011/04/why-so-called-hcg-drops-are-evil/


You can inject the hCG and T at the same time. Use an insulin syringe and inject both IM into the quads in the same syringe. There's no reason why you can't mix oil with water. I'm not sure if 500mg of T gets cleared more slowly than 100mg of T, but you can probably inject T once every 5 days. If you do one intramuscular T+hCG injection every 5 days, and one additional subQ hCG inject once a week, you'll have 2.3 injections per week. If you do just one hCG dose every 5 days, you'll have 1.3 injects per week.

The half life of hCG is 33 hours, so IM and subq should be about the same. Intramuscular hCG is better anyway, because it's possible for subq injects to create scar tissue, if injection sites aren't rotated. There's also no reason why you'd want a slow release, since it's half life is longer than the time it takes for a subq inject to get absorbed.


No offense, but sounds sketchy to me. I'm quite convinced based on evidence (and common sense) that higher injection frequency mimics natural production more closely, maintains levels better, and is better all-around. Then again, I honestly don't mind sticking myself.

As far as rotating sites and scar tissue...ok, so that's why we rotate sites. Problem solved. Everyone knows that.


Oil and water do not mix; they will form two separate boluses at the site of injection. Furthermore, when done properly, subcutaneous injection does not induce the formation of scar tissue, but intramuscular injection does. Many opt to inject hCG sq in order to reduce scar tissue formation.


Injecting hCG and T together will traps/sequester some of the hCG that will then degrade from body heat before getting absorbed.

I read a real detailed research paper that investigated sublingual hCG and there never was any detectable hCG in serum. When guys inject hCG, they can have +ve pregnancy tests.

To bad that we can't screen out the junk before it gets here. Now we have bogus claims in a thread that google has indexed. Will the guilty please take note.