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HFT - Results?


IN light of all this High Frequency Training (HFT) talk lately. I am kind of curious as to what type of results it has produced here at T-Nation...

What have your results been so far??


Yhea are you guys HUGE yet. I mean damn Chad latest artcle titled HFT as been out damn almost a week you should be just swole.

I myself did a LONG one weeks run of it and well it was ok Im thinking about changing it up a bit adding lots of volume and doing another week long cycle see if I cant pack on 20 lbs by next friday.

LOL laying on some sarcasm and a hefty dose of giving you some shit. It just get amusing watching people change programs as fast as the articles come out. I would LOVE to hear of someone who actually did ONE of these for a few months.

Thats what I would like to hear about.

Just my 2cc,