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HFT or HTH on Cycle?

Has anyone tried high frequency training during cycle as opposed to a traditional body part split? If so what were results? and most importantly WHAT AMOUNT DID YOU INCREASE YOUR VOLUME AND/OR FREQUENCY?

Thank you, Im 34 yrs old, 5’8", 200 pounds, 12 percent BF, I have been training 8 years after four years in the Airborne infantry. My starting lifting weight was 135 pounds im not huge but have made substantial gains.

Have cycled 3 times before never over 600mg test-e for 12 wks max. All three cycles employed traditional body part splits.

Then in last two n a half years naturally I discovered Waterburys total body hft(huge in a hurry) and Thibs hpmass programs and made amazing results naturally(for me). I know Im never going to win a contest etc but I love to train and have small bones so gains are hard to come by.

Anyhow I need a cycle to get out of a mid life crisis. lol. Just trying to figure out volume n frequency on cycle for this type of training.

Heres the plan homies:

Cycle will be

Wk 1-10 750 mg test-e/wk
wk 1-2 30mg Dbol/ day
wk 10-12 30 mg dbol/ day(to keep gains coming while test-e clears system)
wk 1-10 2 iu hgh first thing in morning 5 days on/2 days off
wk 1-12 20mg novla per day

wk 13- start 21 day clomid at 50 mg per day

Diet(all organic)

meal 1/ 6 eggs/1 cup rice/ vegis/ 1tbsp butter/ 8 oz whole milk

meal 2/ 2 scp pro pdr/ 2 piece fruit/ 10 fish oil caps

meal 3/ 1 cup oatmeal/ two cup whole fat yogurt/scp propwdr/berries

meal 4/ same as meal 2

meal 6/ pre train 1 scp pro/simple carb creatine mix
post train 2 scp pro/ 1/2 cup rasins

meal 7/ 8 oz full fat ground beef/ 1 cup rice/ vegis/ 1 tbsp butter

meal 8/ 32 oz whole milk before bed


goals: 1. to increase arm size
2. to increase total body mass
3. to not become a heavy breathing slob while achieving goals 1 + 2

So I guess all that leads back to my initial question of anyones experince with hft or hth while on cycle. That and any critique/ glaring misses on part/ suggestions/ input will be greatly appreciated.

Oh yes I used to be a level one member. Changed name and account due to me getting mouthy and am here for a fresh start. Thanks for the help in advance.

I forgot to mention I have the ability to train 2x day 6 days a week for 1 to 1.5 hours each.
I can also fit additional 45 minute work out in on Thur/fri/sat.
Sunday is normally spent resting my mind/ praying/ and watching the Packers beat some other team down.

I own my own prowler. Made it out of steel tubing from old weider home gym and have 1/4 solid steel runners on it. Its a beast.
I also have pull-up bar at home and live four blocks from my 24 hr gym. Its any anytime fitness but since I train early in am n later at night I can usually get access to its only squat rack/ bench press set up.
DB go up to 115 but I currently top out playing with the 95’s.
Havent utilized weighted carries but plan to begin during this cycle.

Lastly I work a swing shift in health care plus am taking 9 credits this semester. Therefore my goal is 8-9 hours but on some days I can only sleep 6 hours(never less than). But thats just a reality with wanting to get educated. Ive never let a busy life stop me from training but just as importantly Ive never let training stop me from getting an education and being successful.

Im aware some will tell me this should be in the training forum but any questions that include juice in them get the big fuck you in the training forums also. lol.

Just read sticky about cycle questions

wk 1-10 750mg teste- being used because its cheap, simple, and effective. will inject 3x per week and front load with 1st shot being 1000 mg.

wk 1-2 30 mg dbol daily- being used to make first two weeks of cycle more effective while waiting for test e to come on.

wk 10-12 30 mg dbol daily- being used to keep gains coming final week. also using two weeks after last shot of test e to keep something in system to keep gains coming. also cheap, effective, and available. Three weeks is the most I will run an oral due to the fact I like my liver.

wk 1-10 2 iu hgh in am 5on 2 off- Had extra cash and picked up 100 iu’s. Not expecting to grow muscle with it. Just want to check out its fat burning effects and see if it can strengthen joints any. Kind of a luxury addition for me and not the main focus here.

wk 1-15 20 mg novla- I work in health care and am a professional. I cant blow up to excessively with water weight and truth be told I dont enjoy the feeling. I am in complete understanding it can reduce gains some but that is acceptable to me.

wk 13-15 50mg clomid daily- actually 100mg for first 7 days, then 50 for 14 days. Its simple and has worked for me great in the past to turn the nuts back on. Due to cycle being only 12 weeks I dont feel any further PCT is warrented.

Going to run this cycle. Evaluate, make adjustments then run another in 16 weeks during summer so reducing bloat will also be a consideration.

Yeah I was working 16 hours straight and got a little over excited for input from our friends over seas. I apoligize for the dick headed comment.

I only ever flick over this forum occasionally, so I can’t give advice, but you can’t expect even 1 response let alone a handful in the 3 hours you have been posting. Maybe find a faster moving forum, or give someone a phone call if you want instant responses.

Ive been on the forum for several years. Changed name due to identity issues at work, my coworkers learned my handle and not cool given my current questions and science project.

[quote]forevernade wrote:
I only ever flick over this forum occasionally, so I can’t give advice, but you can’t expect even 1 response let alone a handful in the 3 hours you have been posting. Maybe find a faster moving forum, or give someone a phone call if you want instant responses.[/quote]

I agree and I apoligize for my rude post. Sometimes when I start a project my focus on it causes me to get impatient with people that dont deserve it. Just really hoping to find a reference for this type of training while supped up. Have tried site searches and goole searches with no luck.

Dam tnation thanks for the input:) lol, Im going to take indigo 3-g with it as well(honestly) I want to see if I can just blow the scale up. Any ways guys thanks for looking at least and Im assuming the lack of input is due to lack of experience with training this way on cycle.

Rought out line for training so far

bosu ball push ups + one arm rows to failure
jumping jacks for 5 minutes

What do you think? 21 sessions a week of it. Come on some one step in and tell me how fucking stupid I am:)

good god, no offense others on the board but unless its someone flaming another member it seems actually educated, informative info is becoming scarce. whos dick to I have to shoot off for a response besides some angry austrailan?