HFT or 5x5

I wanted to thank everyone for posting good info, It has helped me alot in my training the past year. Especially my diet. I went from 210 to 235 in the past year. I am still probably 15-16%BF but will work on that next spring.

I have decide I am going to do these 2 workouts over the winter for 8 weeks each. I am deciding on Waterbury’s HFT
program described here.


And also Bill Stars Intermediate 5x5. I will start one 8 week session near the end of October which will take me up to the Holidays, and start the other 8 week session after the new year. I was wondering which one should I do first? Strength or HFT?

Pick one and get started tomorrow. I’d like to offer more info, but only you can know for sure what is best for YOU. Either one will work if you push yourself.

Both programs are excellent choices. I personally tend to favor doing 5x5 first to build up a greater base of strength before beginning HFT.

I agree do the strength first and then it will help with the volume since you can move more poundage.

Do you have the nutrition part covered? All workouts are worthless without it.

Thanks for the comments, I was leaning on doing 5x5 first just needed some more opinions. Currently I do a push/pull/legs and am getting ready to go on vacation so that is why I am starting in October.

I am on 40/40/20 (Protein/Carbs/Fat) right now with about a total of 2500-2800 cals per day right now. I will up my cal to about 3500 when doing the 5x5. I would like to get to 250lbs.

Why not do 5x5 with in the context of HFT? The point of HFT is to hit the muscles several times during a week. So really you can do both. I use HFT, but I do it my own way with my own exercise selection. It works well, really well.

I’m a fan of 5X5.

25 pounds is a nice amount of added muscle. congrads. neways if i were you i would do strength first so in tht case the 5x5 so tht you will be able to use more weight on each exercise on the high frequency traing.

Just like to throw in that as I understand it, the 5x5 is not necessarily an 8 week program. I think you are supposed to continue until your gains stall. I’d recommend you do that and then switch… if you’re still making gains, there is no reason to switch.