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HFT - Journal

I’m relatively new to the forum, although I’ve been lurking for awhile.

Anyway, my soccer season just ended, I’ve decided to try HFT. I’ve seen a lot of people keep journals on here, and I’ve decided to try the same.

Yesterday was my first day of training. For anyone reading this, I’ve got naturally big legs & calves from soccer, but I’ve been neglectful of training them during the season, so I’d say they’re a little behind the rest of my upper body as far as strength.

A1 - Back Squat 265lbs
A2 - Bent-over Rows 245lbs

B1 - Lunges (155lbs)
B2 - DB Military Press (seated by mistake) 85lbs

C1 - Standing Calf Raises - 245lbs
C2 - Incline Bench Press - 205lbs

All 4 sets of 6 w/ 60 s rest between pairings.

Can already feel it in my calves and glutes today, so I imagine tonights Deadlifts are gonna suck.

If anyone reads this that’s done HFT, did you do a lot of cardio? I still play in a couple of rec indoor soccer leagues (have a game tonight), and I don’t want to burn-out or anything. If anyones got any tips, they’d be greatly appreciated.

Day 2

Cardio - indoor soccer game

A1 - Deadlifts 185lbs
A2 - Decline DB Press 90lbs

B1 - Pull-downs 145lbs
B2 - Overhead Tricep Extensions 35lbs

C1 - Calf Raises 90lbs
C2 - Reverse Crunches

I was absolutely shattered by the end of the first pairing. 3x12 is completely unpleasant. Today, luckily, is a day off…

Day 4

Well, I officially despise 3 sets of 12.

A1 - Back Squats (wide) 205lbs
A2 - Bentover Rows 195lbs

B1 - BB Military Press 115lbs
B2 - Split Squats 45lb dumbbells

C1 - Standing Calf Raises 190lbs
C2 - Incline Bench Press 195lbs

Strength isn’t really the issue, it’s fatigue. As I thought, my legs are lagging in strength and endurance, they fatigue pretty quickly which kinda puts a damper on the rest of the work-out. I might do any extra week of this just to try and get my legs back on par. We’ll see.

Oh, I’ve also posted some pics from last night (Excuse the boxer shorts). Areas I’m trying to focus on are chest and lats. I’m crap at taking pictures, and will try to take more tonight.

One more…

Day 5

A1 - Deadlifts Sumo 245lbs
A2 - Decline DB Press 110lbs

B1 - Chins BW + 10lbs
B2 - BB Skull Crushers 125lbs

C1 - Seated Calf-Raises 115
C2 - Decline Leg Lifts

You look quite jacked.

How did you get your shoulders so huge?

Jacked? Ha, thanks! I don’t know really. I haven’t had a dedicated shoulder day in a long time. I usually just do either DB or BB presses after a chest work-out.

Anyway, here’s Saturday - Day 9

Was out of town and found a great little gym “the sweat shop”! Somewhat older equipment, but from the moment I walked in until I left, nobody else came into the weight room! Man, it was awesome. Unfortunately, they didn’t have all the gear I needed, so I substituted a little.


A1 - Back Squat 265lbs
A2 - Bent-over Rows 225lbs

B1 - Lunges (60 lb DB)
B2 - DB Military Press (standing) 70 lbs

C1 - Seated Calf Raises - 155lbs
C2 - Incline Bench Press - 205lbs

5 sets of 6 with 60 seconds rest.

What I will say that this program has done is that it’s identified the areas where I’ve neglected over the years. I’ve never been a fan of back extensions or lower back exercises, and that’s the area that slows me down during a workout. I could easily add 10% to all my main lifts, but my lower back fatigues so quickly that it would be pointless.

Anyway, only 3 more workouts left in this phase. Then it’s on to 5RMs for a week.

Monday - Day 10

A1 - Deadlifts 185lbs
A2 - Decline DB Press 90lb DB

B1 - Chin-ups (no weight)
B2 - Tricep Extension (35lbs)

C1 - Standing Calf Raises - 225lbs
C2 - Reverse Crunches

Fatigue is becoming less and less an issue, which I’m happy about. Last night was an intense workout.

[quote]Der Candy wrote:
You look quite jacked.

How did you get your shoulders so huge?[/quote]

Especially for a soccer player.

Well my soccer playing days are coming to an end I fear. I played Univ soccer and my knees/ankles can’t quite sustain the abuse they used to be able to. Not only that, chasing around younger and quicker kids is miserable.

Here’s a couple of soccer pics - this one is from last season, the next one is from this season.


One more - this season

My ADHD has kicked in and I’ve got my Days wrong. Impressive considering I’m only on Day 11.

Last nights workout

A1 Back Squat (205lbs)
A2 Seated Cable Rows (195lbs)
B1 BB Military Press (115lbs)
B2 Split Squats (30lb DB)
C1 Standing Calf Raises 190lbs
C2 Incline Bench Press 165lbs

I am really looking forward to this weekend and 2 days off, all the same.

That being said, I feel fantastic training this way. My muscles feel full all the time and I appear to be leaning out a little. All in all, with only 1 day left in phase I, I’m thrilled with the program so far.

Day 12 - My last day of Phase I

Well, on to Phase II

I actually took Thursday off and did day 12 on Day 13.

All the same, here it is.

A1 Deads 245
A2 Dips - BW + 65lbs

B1 Chin-ups - BW + 10lbs
B2 Barbell Skull Crushers - 120lbs

C1 Seated Calfs 90lbs
C2 Decline Abs

I love this program.

Phase II Day 1

Back Squats wide - 315lbs x 5

Bench Press 295lbs x 5

Lying Tricep DB Extensions 55lbs x 5

Day II - Phase II

I felt really strong today (relatively speaking), no fatigue at all. After I worked up to my 5rm for the 3 lifts, I felt like I wanted to stay and do something else…

Deadlifts (Narrow stance) - 315lbs x 5

Chin-ups - BW + 55lbs x 5

Hammer curls - 65lb DB’s x 5

I’m having to eat more than normal, because I’m really leaning out and I don’t want to get too depleted when the 2-a-days start next week.

Did Cardio tonight as well (had an indoor soccer game after the work-out)

Day III - Phase II

Front Squats - 225lbs x 5

Chest Supported Seated Rows - 230 x 5

Decline DB Press - 115lbs x 5

I’m actually enjoying this as well, it’s a nice break from the set work. Only one more day to go though, and then on to Phase III - but I’m looking forward to seeing the results from Phase III.

Day V - Phase II

Deadlifts (Wide Stance) - 275lbs x 5

Chest Supported Rows - 235lbs x 5 (Messed up on Day III here, but did em again anyway)

BB Curls - 125lbs x 5

Day I - Phase III

Two a Days! Great… of course this happened to be Sunday morning, and I was seriously depressed after CC got knocked out. I can’t get anything right this year, my only correct pic was Indy in the Super Bowl… My co-workers ask me who I think is going to win and then bet against me lol…

AM Session

A1 Narrow Back Squat - 265lbs
A2 Seated Row (PD) - 220lbs

B1 DB Shoulder Press - 65lbs
B2 Lunges

C1 Leg Press Calf Raises - 270lbs
C2 Incline Bench Press - 205

4 x 6
60s Rest.

PM Session

A1 Back Squats Wide Stance 185lbs
A2 Seated Row (PU) 180lbs

B1 BB Military Press 105lbs
B2 Split Squats 20lbs DB

C1 Standing Calf Raises (Toes Out) 205lbs
C2 Dips + 45lbs

2 x 12
75s Rest

I tweaked my groin in the morning squat session, so the rest of the leg workout for the day was reduced to going lighter and stretching as much as I could. A bit of a let-down, but I still had two pretty solid work-outs.

Day II - Phase III

A1 Deadlifts (Narrow) 265lbs
A2 Decline DB Press 105lbs

B1 Chin-ups (Palms Down) +25lbs
B2 Triceps Extension 45lbs

C1 Seated Calf Raises 115lbs
C2 Reverse Leg Lifts

Good work-out! Strength has improved quite a bit. I breezed through the weighted chin-ups and surprised myself a little. Tonight is a night off, and I have Basketball at 8:30.

I don’t know why, but this was one of the hardest work-outs of the program so far. After front squats and rows, I laid on the floor and was completely out of it… struggling not to puke… brutal.

A1 Front Squat 165lbs
A2 Upright Rows (with Rope) 72.5lbs

B1 DB Side Raise 35lbs
B2 Leg Curls 45lbs

C1 Bench Press 225lbs
C2 Barbell Curls 85lbs

3 x 12reps, with 70s rest. Brutal…