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HFT - Experiment May


Ok lets try this one out, I guess that a few reps every day for a month won't kill me. I will post my reps and my weekly measurements. The exercise is the one arm barbell curl. I'll be using a homemade barbell, don't know the exact weight but it is heavy enough to get the work done.

175lb @ 12%
Arms: 15.25

Day 1: 9 reps
Day 2: 10 reps


I think this goes in a different place but that bar could build some serious forearms.



This is different.

If you actually keep this up, then i will be impressed.


great bar


man, you could make that for so cheap


I'm tempted to do this for my triceps and side delats.


You win!

That's the most hardcore bar I've ever seen.


Why should it go in a different place?


Hahaha I know ! I go to a regular gym but that´s my only hmm... home equipment.

That´s a picture I got from the internet to show what I was talking about... thats pretty much the same design for the one I have here.

TNT2005, the actual bar is not that thick, but you just gave me an idea to make the exercise more challenging, I could rap something like hmm I dont know a t-shirt or something to work on my grip as well hehe.

I´ll take a picture of the actual one when I get a chance.


So is the idea to do 1 all out set per day?


Well I really have no idea... cause it could range from:

Article Discussion: where there´s a bunch of people that go like: IM IN, HELL YEAH, etc... and then they just disappear.

To something like.... Training Log: In this case there will be nothing to talk about. Uhh I did 3 reps, ok next day !

Or maybe... Get a Life (Off Topic): Cause I just decided to make a thread about this and ... well I don´t know.

Im just joking, the thing is that if my arms grow it works for hypertrhopy, if it does you can apply this technique to bodybuilding in order to bring up lagging body parts.


Day 3: 11 reps


I thought it was a training log. It should work well I have huge in a hurry Chad Waterbury's program's work wonders. With HFT I grew an inch on my calves and this fall I'm going to go for full body HFT. You should do well and get some good growth from it, good luck!


Yeahp and day 3 was very difficult !


One inch on your calves sounds very good to me, I would be pleased with a 0.5 inch growth if its sustainable (Where you able to keep the gain... no decrease?).

Chad mentioned that you can apply HFT to several muscles groups, what exercise did you pcik for your calves ?


i mayb give this a try also this year


the inch stayed. It definitly works, Arnold applied the same theory to his lagging muscles. I used donkey calf raises with a 150lb pound lifting partner on my back so about medium weight, and with my toes pointed in to work the medial head you see from the front better. Then super setted that with jumping with a barbell off my calves and stiff toed lunges. In his book the HFT isn't so stripped down its a small workout.


Day 4: 10 reps


are you going to failure everyday ?


It shouldn't have to even be said, but...

...make sure you are eating enough to grow.