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HFS Training?


Good morning T-Nation.

I haven't been on the forums for a while ; I've been caught up in school and football.
I'm wondering what this HFS training is that I'm seeing now? Anyone care to elaborate on it with me?


gotta be a Indigo-3G purchaser to do that!


You can't train hfs unless you take Indigo? Is it a recovery issue?


No, it's not a recovery issue and you don't need to purchase it to follow the principles that CT advocates (HFS) being one of them.

Check out his forum, but specifically the live spill to get info on how to put together your own HFS setup.


^This. I use HFS, (not an Indigo user) and love it. But I'm not advanced nor experienced enough to hand out advice about anything training wise, so I'd suggest do as Ebomb suggested, and maybe PM some of the guys you see in the livespills who are utilizing HFS and making crazy gains off of it (implying they are doing it effectively). That's what I did.


Spidey, mind P.Ming me what your HFS set up looks like?


You can check my log. Just look at my HUB, and look at the latter part of my log. But I'd def suggest talking to someone much bigger, stronger, and experienced then I am to learn the in-and-outs of the program.


HFS is one of CT's current training principles. You don't need to be on Indigo to follow it, but the full Indigo routines are pretty intense and shouldn't be attempted without Indigo or above average recovery ability.

If you check out the Indigo logs, you'll surely find a lot of examples of what people are currently doing for their HFS work. Also, there's ton of info in the livespills.

In short, HFS is High Frequency Strength work. You pick 3-4 basic movements for different patterns (ie. Military Press, Squat, Bench Press) and perform them 4-5 times a week. You want to select a weight that is not too heavy and that you can dominate on every rep. No rep should ever be slow.


Does the HFS detract from the main lift priority for the day for some of you indigo guys? I wish I could get a "HFS progression" for cleans and squats.