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HFCS: You Can Eat It!


The post title was sarcastic.I'm still very skeptical about it.


I find these commercials absolutely hilarious.


Me too. Maybe Malbro should start make commercials showing the health benefits of smoking.


I love how they even say " honey, its ok in moderation." Stupid lying corn refiners...


Is it not?


Some of the dumbest commercials I've ever seen. And annoying enough to make me throw up every time I see them.


I thought that was going to be a NSFW spoof :stuck_out_tongue:


All I need to hear in these commercials is a "this message was brought to you by the Church of Scientology" and I can smile knowing the world is as fucked up as my imagination.


Sugar is sugar is sugar.


... is sugar


and a little bit more sugar..


The corn refiners want everyone to think that "moderation" means in every single food item of every meal, every day.


if only steak houses had the same agenda...


I laughed.


while HFCS seems to be the whipping boy de jour of the nutrition world, i think it's appropriate to point out that HFCS is no more fattening than any other carbohydrate source. and yes, it IS fine in moderation.

here's a great article about HFCS and obesity:



hfcs is basically table sugar with a little more fructose. The problem I have is with the fructose- the liver converts fructose directly to fatty acids which will then most likely be stored as blubber. The one exception to fructose being converted to fatty acids would be when liver glycogen is depleted then I'm pretty sure the liver can use fructose to replenish it's glycogen.

I'm pretty sure you knew all of that though, given some of your posts that i've read. but anyway, hfcs is no worse than sucrose.

Relating to American obesity I think people should start thinking about leptin resistance and certain things that can cause leptin resistance like lectins which can probably be found in hfcs.


What exactly is "moderation" when it comes to HFCS?
What about the fact that it is in pretty much everything? Does this make the statement "HFCS is fine in moderation" disingenuous?

I don't know myself, i'm asking.


Not exactly, while it might still have the same molecular formula: C6H12O6 (sry, cant do subscripts on the message), there are different isomers of this compound and your body responds to them in different ways. Your body is much more efficient at breaking down glucose than it is fructose and will generally respond much better if you give it the former rather than the latter. So please, stick to regular sugar, not that HFCS shit.


It is fine in moderation.

Eat as many apples as you like.


"moderation" means don't be an idiot. eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods, but if you eat some bread or snack food with some HFCS in it, understand that it won't ruin your physique any more than an equal amount of sugar in any other form.

to those who are worried about the leptin resistance thing, from what i recall those studies were performed on mice (read: not directly applicable to humans) and HFCS comprised ~60% of their daily caloric intake. so those studies mean jack shit to us.